I have more dreams than goals

Most people set short, medium, and long-term goals for themselves. I have never proposed them, I live day to day, the reality of the moment and I feel comfortable. I don’t know if it’s good or bad or what, but I have to be honest.

I cannot have goals saving, sacrificing a craving, a need, a vitamin, to be saving under the mattress or in a bank. What I value the most is education, health and food, that’s what I observed in my parents. This pandemic has taught me a lesson and that is that we must enjoy life without hurting our neighbor, be supportive, helpful without expecting a reward, and I have practiced that on a daily basis. What I must change is how intense I am when I want to serve the other, which has cost me a lot, but I will practice it, because you have to let people take responsibility, have their own experience with the results, and just listen to it. I have dreams, which I visualize throughout the day and night, but letting them flow without pressure. They are dreams that I see more as contributions to my country, but for that you need will. This year is decisive for this dream project, which I have been caressing, molding, enjoying with eagerness, to come true. Just as I caress and enjoy it, I also want all Dominicans to do the same, inside and outside the country.

A dream

My Museo Memoria del Hogar Dominicano, which is the Living Ethnic School Museum, is the recreated representation of all the elements that make up the homes of the countryside and the city, which have already transformed their function by which they were created and acquired the function of decorative objects . This museum exhibited at the public level would be valued for Dominican and foreign visitors to know and appreciate the customs and traditions of our country, which is the same in Latin America with different names.