“I have not mentioned you, it was the criminal”: Monique Pardo responds to Susy Díaz and her lawyer by notarized letter

In the afternoon of Wednesday, May 24, Monique Pardo decided to break her silence with the purpose of referring to the notarial letter that Susy Díaz and her lawyer sent her for having related it to the extortions that she has been suffering for a few days and that she has released on television screens.

As recalled, the criminals have demanded the sum of one million dollars from Monique and she chose to show everything that they have been telling her and asking for in order not to threaten her life, but within the files it was appreciated that the criminals mentioned the name “Susy”.

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As a result of this, the defender of Diaz was present on the set of “Say it loud“In order to provide more details of the complaint established because they demand the rectification of the interpreter of ‘Caramelo’. However, before this, Pardo had a few words for both of them in response to what they are doing to him.

“I have not read anything, I am going to read with my lawyer. If Susy wants me to correct myself, I am going to correct myself, but you who know me what I am capable of doing for you, that I have not said that. I at no time I have mentioned you, what are you accusing me of? You are doing me serious harm to my health because you are not just anyone, you are a person I have loved very much. I have not mentioned you, a criminal, a delinquent, a woman has mentioned you is the one that says your name, not me”.

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Susy Díaz’s lawyer reveals that Monique Pardo has 24 hours to rectify herself

Susy Díaz’s lawyer also appeared in front of Karla Tarazona and Kurt Villavicencio to provide details of what they demand of Monique Pardo, after -according to the criminal lawyer- the ex-singer would have mentioned the name of her client as part of the extortionists who have been threatening her.

“It is a very serious act, of extortion, in which Mrs. Susy Díaz is mentioned, so we are looking at the legal issue, we are talking about a person’s honor being damaged here, so we have been in conversations with Mrs. Susy Díaz”, initially stated the criminal lawyer.

On the other hand, he held that Monique You will only have 24 hours to go public and rectify yourself because the authorities may intervene or, in that case, proceed with a lawsuit against you.

“We have sent a notarized letter to the lady to be rectified, she has a 24-hour term, since people cannot be harmed, attributing facts to her, because there is no certain statement that Susy Díaz is involved, and This is more serious.”