“I love to see there the imprint of Spain mixed with all the atmosphere, the color, and that very special character of the Dominican”

Like everyone and perhaps a little more, Paloma San Basilio was affected by the quarantine and all the restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic.

And this because he surprised her away from her family and ready to perform a series of concerts in Spain, which she had to suspend, but she could not return to her home in Los Angeles, along with her family. “It was a feeling of great helplessness and loneliness,” says the artist, born in Madrid 71 years ago.

The interpreter of songs like “Too hurt” or “Why did you abandon me?”, Reflects that this has been a great lesson in humility, for our species, which shows how vulnerable we are.

San Basilio spoke with this newspaper about the concert “Three Great Voces and Three Great Divas”, in which he will share the stage with his compatriot Pasión Vega and the Dominican Maridalia Hernández, on February 12 and 14 in the Carlos Piantini room of the Theater National Eduardo Brito.

Of that show, he likes that it will be with two artists with a great trajectory, whom he respects and admires, in two presentations that he hopes will be unforgettable for everyone. “What I want is to give people enthusiasm, a will to live, joy and encouragement so that they start the year in the best possible way,” the singer wishes.

Merit badge
The year 2021 ended beautifully for the singer, as she was one of those who received the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, something that qualifies as a wonderful surprise. “I feel very proud, and nothing, to start 2022 with great enthusiasm,” she says, and that she wants to enjoy with people and bring them joy, light and love.

This opportunity to return to Santo Domingo, he sees it as something extraordinary in these times, which have made things as normal as performing a concert, now something exceptional.

“To be able to return to the Dominican Republic, to see my friends, to be able to be on that wonderful stage, with the public that has been sharing my music for so many years, right now you feel it as a privilege”, he comments.

From the Dominican Republic, he highlights that he has friends for many years and explains that this was one of the first countries he visited, almost four decades ago, when César Suárez Pisano himself, the businessman who brings it now, made possible the beginning of this relationship between the artist and her audience.

He explains that every place he goes, he takes root, soaking up those places. In Santo Domingo, he also values ​​the cultural mix, the miscegenation that took place here, between the different ethnic groups that make up those born on this island. “I love to see there the imprint of Spain mixed with all the atmosphere, the colors, and that very special character of the Dominican ”, explains San Basilio.

Retirement Now that several artists from her country have announced their retirement, the interpreter comments that she stopped a while ago with the intention of dedicating herself to painting and writing.

“Goodbye is something that can be done with drums or imagining the separation line without creating a traumatic situation where I leave and never come back”, concludes the artist.