If your goal in 2022 is to redecorate: trends that inspire

New year, new house? Yes, at least if it is about redecorating the spaces. Doing so is one of the first activities that many people do when starting a new calendar.

It’s like therapy, says Maribel Mejía. “At the beginning of the year I ‘scrambled’ the house and tried to redecorate, within my possibilities, all the spaces.”

It is not necessary to make big changes, he assures, but to play with things that are changed on a low budget, such as curtains, cushions, plants and decorative objects, and modify the order of furniture and paintings so that everything look like new. If this year you have also decided to redecorate your home, office, restaurant or any space that needs a change, these ideas could help you.

Goodbye to appearances. In Feel comfortable at home: learn to decorate and enhance the spaces in your home (2021), Frida Ramstedt advises furnishing according to how you prefer to live, and not according to how you want to be seen. “Those who interact a lot with their friends in their spare time will probably need a large sofa with many seats in the living room, while those who prefer to disconnect with a book in their spare time should perhaps invest the money in an armchair with earmuffs that overflowing with comfort ”. For people who are bothered by clutter, he recommends minimizing visual contamination by seeking closed storage spaces that provide the ability to “quickly store and hide small items during the day.”

Trends. The color of the year is “Very Peri”, a purple-blue shade that could be difficult to introduce into the decoration. Use the internet and look for ideas if you want to keep it in mind, especially if you want to add fresh and cheerful details to your spaces.

Always plants. The color and the welcoming air they provide make them a “must” for interior designs.

Recommended reading. Frida Ramstedt assures that in her book “Feel comfortable at home: Learn to decorate and enhance the spaces in your home” you will learn to identify focal points to enhance spatiality, create an appropriate atmosphere with the help of your decorative choices, choose colors that suit you awaken positive emotions, classify and organize cabinets and pantries to make the most of storage space, hang pictures properly and clearly define a space to work, “whether or not you have a specific room for it.”