If your goal is to achieve a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and exercise are the key to achieving it.

For almost 20 uninterrupted years, Sofia has set her main goal to start a new year, to have a healthy lifestyle! Nothing could be further from what happens once the days of January begin to run. “Oh ombe, I start on Monday!”, He often says, like so many other people who consider this purpose to start the year. In fact there are many “memes” that refer to the illusory pretense of betting on this goal.

Sofia thinks she owns these modern satires. “Every time I see those memes, I think they did it to me, because I’m about 20 years old, without lying to you, setting the goal of leading a better lifestyle. Since I was 15 and now I’m 35, and every day it gets more difficult, but I keep putting it on and not complying with it, ”says this woman who is dedicated to interior decoration with a laugh.

His testimony attracted attention because he assures that he has two decades after the aforementioned goal and has not done anything to achieve it. LISTÍN DIARIO wants to help her to achieve it in the year 2022 and many other people who need a “push” to achieve it.

For this, he interviewed the nutritionist María Magdalena Peralta, and the bariatric surgeon, Pablo García. “If people only knew that achieving a healthy lifestyle is easier than it seems, and of course, much cheaper. It is a matter of leaving your comfort zone, which is what leads you to consume junk food and a sedentary lifestyle. You should try to eat nutritious food throughout the week and give yourself a ‘little treat’ on the weekend. You can do the same with the routines to exercise ”, says the specialist.

If you achieve this in the first 15 days, Peralta assures you that you will make it a habit when you see the results in physical and emotional well-being, as well as when you add and subtract and notice that the “pocket is also healing”. It is time to become aware, says the expert. “The amount of viruses that there are attack without mercy when we are not well nourished and when our body is not in shape through exercise”, considers the nutritionist.

Invites Dominicans to make cooking their favorite hobby so that they can pamper themselves and indulge in healthy recipes that contribute to their health. “Gastronomy is fashionable and beautiful, start cooking as a family, enjoy this task and the results that can arise from this practice. As for the exercises, make the parks yours, the stairs of your house, put a mat on the floor, but move that body. There’s not excuse what worths. Remember, the well-being of our body is easy to achieve, we just have to have willpower ”, he insists.

Internal and external health

For Pablo García it is of the utmost importance that people bet on their health. To those whose goal is to lead a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and stay in shape in 2022, he tells them that anything is possible when working to achieve those goals. “The first thing is to eat a good diet and exercise. Now, if you observe that you still have not reached the goal, you should seek the help of a specialist who, together with you, will work towards that goal, ”says the doctor.

The doctor recognizes that not everyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle is because they are overweight, but explains that even so, they should go to a nutritionist, endocrionologist or any other specialist to help them carry out a good diet and exercise routine. . “Of course, if the reason is obesity, it is important to know that a bariatric surgery is not an aesthetic luxury, it is a medical procedure that always bets on health, which should be the goal of all, much more in these times of pandemic that we must be strengthened ”, he points out.