If your goal is to study … Do you know what to do to achieve it?

Increasing learning through study is always a goal chosen by a wide group of people as a new year begins. Whether it is to increase their knowledge or to acquire new ones, some do not leave the goal of studies off their list.

Pablo Figuereo is 26 years old, he just finished university and for this year he is scheduled to start his master’s degree. Zoila Adames wants to do a doctorate and Patricia Beltrán is satisfied with taking a technical course at Infotep, to be able to work something more specialized and stop working in a lottery bank where she has been working for five years and exposing herself to danger, she says.

For these three people there are several pieces of advice in the portfolio of Olga María Renville, an expert in Mental Philosophy who suggests, above all, a disposition to achieve this or any goal that is planned.

“The first thing is to have willpower. Don’t think twice or let other people interfere with your dreams. Do not use money as a pretext, much less that you don’t have time for it ”, says the psychologist who is also a psychologist.

Once these concepts are clear, it is time to set a date, to find out all the possibilities that are available to each budget, which are adjusted to what each person wants and that is in the required time. “As soon as you have this information, don’t waste time and sign up. The more he turns his head and the more opinions he asks for, the more risk he runs that his plans will be shuffled, ”says Renville.

Safe plans

Plan on what has to do with time and money. Find out, enter the different Internet pages that offer scholarships to study virtually from other countries or in person in your own country. Go to the public institutions in the Dominican Republic, for example the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Youth, the Foreign Ministry, the Infotep and any other entity that offers you support to start studying or continue training. .

These tips are from José Rafael Perdomo, an organization expert, who highlights: “There is no pretext for training in times where opportunities, even free, are the order of the day. For a long time, the Dominican governments have had good help so that no one is left without the necessary skills to carry out a career or trade ”.

He says it with property, because in his opinion “he who does not study here is because he does not want to.”

Regarding the cases of Pablo, Zoila and Patricia, who in this story have briefly revealed what they would like for the new year, the organizational expert emphasizes that right now what counts is having the goal and making it come true.

“The way to achieve it is easier than the hundreds of excuses we use to postpone it. We must stop putting obstacles in the way of betting on something so ours and that we deserve as much as studying ”, emphasizes Perdomo.

After stating that there are a large number of pages on the Internet that support distance education, Perdomo advises to verify well which ones are safe to avoid that in the search for the preparation what is found is a “frustration”.

Ask friends who have already done it, make sure that entity exists, and if it is necessary to call for an explanation, do so.

This is how the expert considers it, who also mentions that in the country there are many public and private centers that offer free training for people to prepare and progress. “There is everything and for everyone, we must end the limitations that we put ourselves to achieve our goals,” concludes Perdomo.