“I’m going to hell”: Young confessed that he murdered his grandmother during a game of ‘truth or dare’.

After three years of investigation into the death of an adult over 94 years of age during an alleged “accident” in the United Kingdom, the truth was finally learned after the confession of the perpetrator of the murder: his own grandson.

Tiernan Darnton He confessed a secret that he kept guarded during that long period. The young man revealed that he murdered his own grandmother, identified as Mary Gregory, during a game of ‘truth or dare’.

It all happened when the 21-year-old got together with his friends to play the confession game. At that moment one of the people asked him if he had ever killed someone.

The student responded and told his friends that he had killed his grandmother in a fire in May 2018. The incident was caused by him, according to El Helardo de México.

Darnton justified the incident by noting that he did not want his grandmother to suffer from her dementia. After investigating the case, the police found the young man’s cell phone where there were phrases like “I am an assasin”, “It is urgent to kill again” and “I want to cause evil”.

The first investigations revealed that the fire had been an “accident” and that it had been caused by a lit cigarette, as revealed by firefighters, however, the young man confessed that he used a lighter to light the curtain.