In Santiago, 372 homicides have occurred in four years

A total of 372 people have died violently in the province of Santiago from 2018 to date.

By offering this statistic, Ángela Jáquez, Vice Minister of Preventive Security in Provincial Governments It indicated that, of those homicides, 263 occurred in the municipality that is the head of that demarcation.

The official said that in that same period 36% of deaths were directly related to assaults, robberies, dispossession and drugs. This percentage is higher than at the national level (29.4%)

He pointed out that Santiago is located in positions one and two of the municipalities that concentrate the most incidents against life and integrity, respectively. It also occupies position three of the municipalities that concentrate more incidents against property and position four in those that concentrate more risk factors and vulnerabilities.

He referred that in the first semester of 2021, homicides nationwide increased by 25% compared to the same period in 2020. While in Santiago, crimes increased 48.6%.

It established that eight neighborhoods concentrated five out of every 10 homicides in the first half of this year. Among them he cited Cienfuegos, Espaillat expansion, Social Improvement, La Otra Banda, La Yagüita de Pastor, Los Ciruelitos, Libertad expansion and Gurabo.

These statistics are part of the IPT study for each dimension, which constitutes an information management tool for the National Citizen Security System.

Jáquez also mentioned that this study establishes that complaints of violence against women seem to indicate a rebound in the first half of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020.

Blunt and blunt weapons were used in a higher proportion in the violent deaths of women (37%) than in those of men (10.2%), also in the case of violent deaths of women, other mechanisms such as strangulation and strangulation were involved. suffocation (7.4%).

On average in the last three and a half years, 9% of those injured are women.

“Firearms are present in almost all the wounds in the municipality of Santiago, both in men and women,” said the Vice Minister of Preventive Security in Provincial Governments.

It states that assault victimizations generally exceed the percentage nationally, people report feeling unsafe walking through their area.

The study was presented by Ángela Jáquez during an ordinary meeting of the Local Board of Security, Citizenship and Gender of Santiago, which was headed by the Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesús –Chu- Vásquez.

The Interior Minister reported that in Santiago they will improve the police presence and prosecute pending crimes. In addition, they will establish surveillance by quadrants, just as they have done in other parts of the country, where they assure that criminal acts have decreased after the application of that measure.