In Santiago it is commented: Christmas came to the tarantines

Hello good Morning! We are already at Christmas, there are many places beautifully decorated with lights and ornaments, above all I have seen large mansions in the exclusive Cerros de Gurabo sector with beauties with lights on and how good, because despite what we are going through with the Covid, how many friends and acquaintances have left us, we must maintain the spirit of Christmas, although we are decorating with ornaments from years past, because gentlemen put your peak at these prices, it’s scary, any light bulb, ball, Santas, they cost a fortune. I have been collecting stuffed animals and images of Santa Claus for many years, every year I buy one and this year the cost of these characters is amazing, incredible, that not one can be bought, and to think that there are many of us who enjoy decorating our houses at this time, not even that anymore. That awful!

Great friendship meeting
What joy I felt when Julito Pichardo or Julito Pitón called me, for his friends, inviting me to lunch at the ILPasticcio restaurant, in Santiago, I loved it, the food was very exquisite as always. Imagine that Paolo Modolo, a great Italian chef, resident in this city for more than thirty years, flattened himself here and is the favorite of millionaires. I tell you that Julito has a tremendous convening power, he achieved an interesting attendance from his friends from before and forever, anecdotes, unforgettable memories and laughter, some were missing who were outside, another one went out of time like Guanchy Sánchez, we remember him as he was , a cure, but there was Chicué Pichardo, his inseparable friend, Chicué, a kind, gentlemanly person, good people, humble, loyal and his talent for making the environment more fun, made us happy, not to mention my brother Luis Ramón Ramia.

On this evening we also enjoyed the company of the distinguished prestigious lawyer from Santiago, Silvino Pichardo, equally the prominent jurist José Minier, Dr. Amaurys Polanco, how much he enjoys, Rodolfo Checo, all sympathy, the owner of the famous Kukara Macara restaurant, icon of tourism in the monumental area, Fabio Cabrera, César Pichardo, Juan de Dios Llaverías, Edgar Mercedes, listens to the major leagues and we cannot fail to mention the strong man, Ricardito Mejía, who covered all the food minors, we tasted champagne , wines, different drinks, appetizers, digestives and a great variety of Italian foods. Well, we still have some names because the group was not so small.

IL Pasticcio is an Italian culinary institution, Paolo has garnered a lot of friends, over time, who enjoy his good meals and his wonderful attentions, this corner of Italy is located in Los Cerros de Gurabo, it is beautiful, impeccable, taking care of what always look like little piece of your country. I have been in Milan, Italy, in several restaurants and they are the same decorations, Paolo tries not to lose his essence, the place is very elegant, there everything is fresh, he is behind a large supermarket and others surround him. Until next time. [email protected]