In the background is site 2022: What does the arrival of Los Gonzáles and Los Maldini to the San José neighborhood mean?

The expected peruvian series “At the bottom there is room” arrives in 2022 with new episodes, after eight years of absence from the screens and after eight successful seasons. However, it was never an isolated series to any other, but was always linked to the also successful series “Back to the neighborhood.” In El Popular we tell you more about it.

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In the background there is room and De Vuelta al Barrio a single universe

It turns out that the scriptwriters of both series wanted their productions to end up uniting under the same television universe and that was clearly seen in the last episode of “Back to the neighborhood” and in the advance of “At the bottom there is room” presented in the pre-sale of América Televisión.

In the last chapter of “Back to the neighborhood” Rodolfo Rojas appears, now under the name of “Peter”, the butler, telling Francesca Maldini about his time in the San José neighborhood when he was young and how he wanted to pass himself off as the son of Benign.

However, fate and circumstances have now made beloved “Peter” return to the San José neighborhood with his long-awaited “Madame”, without imagining that “Los Gonzáles” would follow them.

“Los Gonzáles” and “Los Maldini” in the San José neighborhood

In the last chapter of season 8 of “Al Fondo Hay Sitio”, Francesca Maldini invites “Los Gonzáles” to live together, after the latter lost their house on a mortgage and they even end up dancing happily.

However, according to the preview of “In the background there is room 2022”, Francesca Maldini, played by actress Ivonne Frayssinet, could not have borne living under the same roof with “Los Gonzáles” so she decided to buy a new house in the neighborhood from San José, which he addresses with “Peter.”

What Francesca Maldini did not have is that “Los Gonzáles” would chase her to the San José neighborhood, so her reaction of astonishment is evident in the preview of the new season of “Al Fondo Hay Sitio”.

In the images you can see how “Los Gonzáles” arrive behind Francesca Maldini, but in Pepe’s public transport car. When going down, the popular “Teresita” tells the “Madame”: “She wanted to escape from us, but she is not going to achieve it.”

Although Francesca Maldini has wanted to get rid of “Los Gonzáles”, apparently it will be difficult because “Los Gonzáles” have already arrived in the San José neighborhood to do their thing and get green gray hair out of it.

In the last minutes of the preview of “Al Fondo Hay Sitio 2022”, “Los Gonzáles” enter the house bought by Francesca Maldini without any qualms and they would even have thought about which rooms to choose, being the same confident ones from eight years ago.

When do the recordings start?

It is still unknown when the release date of the new season of “Al Fondo Hay Sitio” is, however the recordings would begin in April, according to actor Adolfo Chuimán.

The actor who gave life to “Peter” said that the beginning of the recordings of Al Fondo Hay Sitio depends on the work of the scriptwriters. However, this time, the scenes will be recorded in the new facilities of América Televisión, in Pachacamác.