In the background there is a site, returns in 2022: What happened to Leonardo Llanos in the last chapter?

Al fondo hay Sitio is one of the most important series in Peru due to the large number of followers and viewers it has had throughout the 8 seasons they broadcast. A few weeks ago we found out that in 2022 new chapters will be broadcast, although with the absence of several actors, therefore in The popular we will remember the most iconic moments of national production.

In the background there is room: What happened in the last chapter with Leonardo Llanos?

Isabella maldini he meets again with Leonardo, his beloved ‘thingy’ and they marry again. But Leonardo He had a plan with Carmen Llanos, the mother of the late Claudia Llanos. Leonardo I took Isabella and Francesca to a theater and Carmen appeared with a revolver and ‘el cosito’ appears telling Isabella that her mother killed Claudia.

Carmen wasn’t going to shoot Francesca, she pronounced “Eye for Eye, daughter for daughter.” proceeding to shoot Isabella. Leonardo and Francesca scream and cry, the news confirmed that Isabella passed away from the fatal bullet. The González and the Maldini go to Isabella’s wake and her murderer Carmen was captured and taken to prison.

Leonardo Apparently he did not know Carmen’s plans, but still everyone blamed him for Isabella’s death, so ‘el cosito’ fled the country with another identity after accusations of being an accessory to the crime of his family.

In the background there is room: What actors will not participate in the return of the series?

The favorite television series for many Peruvians, Al Fondo Hay Sitio, presented its pre-sale at an event of America Television where, to the joy of many, its new season was confirmed. Also, some actors have already ruled out being part of the cast. Who are they? Find out HERE everything about this new season.

  • Nataniel Sanchez
  • Andres Wiese
  • Mayra couto
  • Tatiana Astengo
  • Aaron Picasso – Jaimito
  • Karina calmet