In the background there is a trending site on networks for the third consecutive day and users praise the series [FOTOS]

There is room in the background continues to receive good comments from viewers, who did not hesitate to use their social networks to leave your opinion about what you have seen. And it is that, many of them recognized the great talent and performance that was experienced in the recent chapters of the program.

YOU CAN SEE: EBT awards the ‘Oscar’ to Giovanni Ciccia for his outstanding performance as Diego Montalvan: “I always wanted one”

The great scenes of There is room in the background of chapters 63, 64 and 65, together with the expected 66 this week, have been generating a lot of sympathy with Internet users. Through Twitter, many users trended the name of the series for the third consecutive day, leaving their positive reviews, as well as the development of the actors. Some of them even give their ‘small’ to other television spaces that criticized the return of AFHS so much.

“The truth is that a lot has been said about the new #AFHS income and the truth is that I love them too much. I have become a big fan of Karime Scander “Alessia” and of Maria Grazia. And Franco Pennano has shone this week. Claps (applause) ”, pointed out an Internet user.

“It’s just that Giovanni Ciccia is a crack at acting. I still can’t get over the scenes from the last episodes of Al Fondo Hay Sitio”. “Luckily I did come back with my dibloma from Barcelona, ​​although I was also going on a spree. What a good performance by Giovani Ciccia, masterful! #AFHS has great actors”, indicated the tweeters.

“Changing the channel and I see In the background there is room at 2 in the afternoon. How strange, and in Willax now they are in charge of advertising programs of the channel that they criticized so much, ”questioned another user. Similarly, others hesitated with the ‘Oscar’ in acting that they asked for one of the actors in the series: “Ha ha ha, I love how we took this to unbeatable levels.”

In the background there is room 2022: How did Alessia and Jaimito meet?

We have already seen Jaimito suffer for not having Alessia’s love, who rejected him after learning that he was poor, but if you missed the first chapters of Al fondo hay lugar, you should know that from the beginning Alessia rejected Jaimito when she met him while they vacationed in the north, since from that moment she noticed that he was poor.