In the background there is room 2022: What did Mayra Couto say about the return of her character “Grace”?

In the background there is room returns to the small screens, being so the ninth season is coming under the command of screenwriter Gigio Aranda and his wife, but not Efraín Aguilar. And among those confirmed for this new season, are the first actor, Adolfo Chuiman, along with the beautiful actress, Yvonne Frayssinet. While for the other actors, there is still a casting.

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Recently they recorded the promotions for the return of the national production, with the participation of the actors Adolfo Chuiman and Yvonne Frayssinet, who would give life to the Butler Peter and Madame Francesca. This as part of the pre-sale for the 2022 programming. Although many of the main actors have not confirmed if they would be in this new season, there are some who mentioned that they would not be part of the new production of América TV.

Mayra Couto not play “Grace” again?

Mayra couto he would not give life to his role Grace Gonzalez after public complaints through his social networks that during the recordings of the famous series he suffered harassment by the actor who plays Nicolás de las Casas.

Mayra Couto was interviewed by the journalist Bruno bernal during a ‘Live’ of Instagram, where he revealed details about his character in the highly successful series In the background there is room. In the talk with the communicator, Couto showed her discontent over the treatment of the character that led her to fame in the hit series. He also narrated that he claimed Gigio Aranda, one of the scriptwriters of Al fondo hay Sitio, about how it was ‘Grace’.

“But I began to realize that I did not like my character, I have not realized since I left that women picked up the dishes, normalizing this is what I find negative,” he mentioned the actress.

In addition, he did not like that the character goes against the reality of women. “When she gets pregnant, she stops talking about her studies completely (…) now because I’m a mother, can’t I study? that is not the reality of women in Peru, I told Gigio that, “he said. Mayra.

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What other actors would not be in At the bottom there is site 2022?

Nataniel Sanchez

The actress Nataniel Sanchez He announced on his Instagram account that this return of Efraín Aguilar’s production is not confirmed yet, and he categorically denied that she was going to participate because “she has other commitments.”

“I’m not going to be in In the background there is room if it returns to Peruvian television. I do not know if the project is going to happen or not, because I know that the channel was with that idea, but I do not know in the end what they are going to do (…) For my part, I have already stipulated commitments here (in Spain), and for other reasons, I would no longer be part of In the background there is room”, Expressed the artist.

Andres Wiese

Andres Wiese It would also be another actor who would not belong to the cast of the possible new season of In the background there is room, due to the complaint filed by his former co-worker Mayra couto for sexual harassment.

Tatiana Astengo

The popular actress won everyone’s hearts after giving life to the peculiar ‘Reina Pachas’. However, Tatiana Astengo has not wanted to comment on the issue, but her followers have asked her to return in the season that would be released in 2022.

Karina calmet

The actress Karina calmet It would not belong to another new season of the series because in an interview with Ricardo Moran, he confessed that during the recordings of In the background there is room his companions applied The Law of Ice to him. According to the artist, this began due to political differences she had with her colleagues and the confrontations that arose on Twitter.

This was the casting of Mayra Couto to play “Grace Gonzáles”