In the background there is room 2022: Will the actors of the first season return? Adolfo Chuiman responds

Adolfo Chuiman is one of the actors who has already confirmed his participation in the ninth season of Al fondo hay Sitio, which will premiere this year. The national artist has given interviews in which he assures that so far he does not know much about it, but a few days ago he commented that the recordings will begin very soon and about the possible income that there will be.

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Will the actors from the first season return?

The Peruvian actor in an interview detailed that he was very excited to start recording again and return to the set, also thanking the welcome that the whole team gave him.

“It has been exciting to return to the sets after two years and see many friends, they welcomed me with joy and even applause, I was excited. Then, we were able to record some scenes and I hope that next year we will return with everything,” he said ago a few weeks the interpreter.

Now the actor announced that in April they will begin recording the episodes for the ninth season of Al fondo hay Sitio and expressed that he would like his character to have a relationship with Francesca Maldini.

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“I also want a chape. With Yvonne we have good chemistry, we have worked before and we understand each other acting. I think that in the end Peter will surprise,” he said Adolfo.

Regarding the new characters, Chuiman assured this new season there will be new artists who will participate in the national production. “There will also be new faces. The series is a family, I am sure it will be most of the beginning of the season,” he said. But he decided he had no opinion on the actors who participated in the first season.