In the background there is room: Look how Daniela Sarfati has changed after having played ‘Susú’

Five years have passed since the transmission of the last chapter of the famous series To the bottom there is site, but now it is known that this year the ninth season will be broadcast. Given this news, El Popular has made a series of notes on how the different characters of the national production look today and today it is the turn of Daniela sarfati.

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Who is Daniela Sarfati?

Daniela Sarfati Paez He was born in Lima on March 20, 1974 and made his debut on the Applause program in 1993, but shortly after he was part of Nubeluz as a ‘cíndela’, like other established artists on national television such as María Pía Copello.

After her television debut, Daniela studied acting to gain insight into the acting world. A short time later he was part of Malicia, Los choches, Pisco sour, Obsesión and Escándalo.

But her great leap to fame was with the youth novel Torbellino in 1998 playing Lucía, a year later she participated in Girasoles para Lucía as Verónica Landaeta Santamaría.

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Then he had some small roles in Lorenzo’s woman, Eva del Edén, Stolen Kisses, This Society, among others. In 2008 he was also in the series Así es la vida, giving life to Fabiola Contreras.

A year later she was called to participate in In the background there is room and play Susana “Susú” Ferrand, where she had a little romance with Pepe Gonzáles.

Daniela Sarfati and her return in Al fondo hay Sitio 2022

So far it is not known if the actress will be part of the new season, because to date Daniela has not spoken about it, nor has the production of the series.

In the background there is room: When does the new season premiere?

The premiere of the new season is scheduled for this 2022 but the exact date of the production has not yet been released, it is also known that the production could be ready by mid-year because the promotional video has already been made.