In the background there is room: These are the foreigners who acted in the series [VIDEOS]

Within the nine seasons of “Al fondo hay lugar”, the production has been giving the opportunity to foreign actors to be part of the cast and stand out for their work in our country, just as Liz Mariana Godoy is doing playing Zulimar. In this note we tell you who are the foreigners who have won our hearts.

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Liz Mariana Godoy as Zulimar

The actress Liz Mariana Godoy started working on “Al fondo hay lugar” from the ninth season playing Zulimar, stealing Félix’s heart. She has been living in our country for a few years, but she is originally from Venezuela.

Marcelo Oxenford as Mariano Pendavis

An iconic character well remembered for having a relationship with ‘Teresita’ and with Francesca Maldinialthough he is killed in the fourth season by Claudia Llanos. Marcelo Oxenford is from Argentina, but he has been living in Peru for many years, a country that he introduced to Yvone Frayssinet, his wife and mother of his daughter.

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Orlando Fundichely as Carlos Cabrera

The actor established himself for his performance as Charito’s first boyfriend in his youth, although he ends up marrying Francesca Maldini, then get divorced. She was born in Cuba, but has Peruvian and American nationality.

Korina Rivadeneira as Abigail Chavez

The first Venezuelan in the TV series. Her role as Abigail Chavez it was the one with the girl in love Nicholas of the Houses, being unfaithful to his relationship with Grace. She is from Venezuela, but she has been living in our country for a couple of years, she is married to Mario Hart.

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Other foreign actors who participated in “Al Fondo Hay Sitio”

  • Francisca Aronsson as Daniela Reyes (Koky’s daughter): Sweden
  • Karl Enslin, “el gringo Karl” as himself: South Africa
  • Mabel Duclós as Emperatriz Montero (mother of Reina Pachas): Argentina
  • Julián Legaspi as Ángel Gaviria (Shirley’s boyfriend): Argentina