In the background there is room: This was the casting of Mayra Couto to interpret “Grace Gonzáles”

Al fondo hay Sitio is a television series created in 2009 by Efraín Aguilar and broadcast by América Televisión. Being the most successful teleseries on Peruvian television, having eight seasons with a great shocking ending, leading in the reating.

In the background there is room is about the arrival of the family Gonzales to Lima de Huamanga, Ayacucho, to live in one of the most exclusive areas of the city, Las Lomas, in a half-built inherited house.

Your neighbors, family Maldini, belonging to a high and exclusive class, frown upon the arrival of the Gonzales and they will try to evict them at all costs generating a war between both families. However, despite the conflicts, feelings such as love and solidarity will flourish among its members.

Undoubtedly At the bottom there is a place has left us very beautiful memories, among them the protagonists of the story have remained in the memory of all viewers, among the most beloved characters we have Grace Gonzales, who was played by Mayra Couto.

And after the possible return of Al fondo there is room with a new season, today in The popular We will remember the casting of the daughter of ‘Charito’.

This was the casting of Mayra Couto to play “Grace Gonzáles”

Mayra Couto revealed details about her casting to play the popular Grace Gonzales. As revealed by the actress on her YouTube channel, she appeared in front of Efrain Aguilar could not function well and that made her performance not the best, to which she assumed that she would not be selected for the television program of America TV.

As revealed by the Peruvian actress upon leaving her audition she met the actor Erick elera who asked her to please help her with her audition since she needed a partner, to which she accepted without thinking that that second presentation would make her stay with the character of In the background there is room.

This was the first meeting of Grace and Nicolás

Between the third and fourth episodes of the first season of Al Fondo Hay Sitio, Grace She still wasn’t used to living in Lima and ‘Pollo Gordo’ was her crush. NicholasFor his part, he enjoyed his youth to the fullest thanks to all the comforts that his family offered him.

Depressed by the supposed death of her father Luchito, Grace made the decision to leave Las Lomas and ran away from home at night so no one would see her. However, she was run over by Nicolás, who did not notice Grace’s presence because he was distracted talking with one of his conquests.