In the background there is room: Viral TikTok hints that Gisela Valcárcel could enter the series [VIDEO]

surprised! At the bottom there is a site is having a great recognition thanks to the last chapters that it has presented in its current season. This has been reflected in the great acceptance it has had by viewers, who eagerly await a new chapter of the series.

YOU CAN SEE: In the background there is a trending site on networks for the third consecutive day and users praise the series [FOTOS]

Similarly, in social networks, users have shown their support for the Peruvian program, as well as with the performance of the actors. Yet another news where you have to AFHS as a protagonist, they have become surprising for what would seem like a new acting incorporation.

Through TikTok, a video where the driver Gisela Valcárcel appears has gone viral, but what is most striking is the place where she is. It is nothing more than the neighborhood of Las Lomas, where the Peruvian program is recorded.

“Look where I am, happy. Here is the cellar, I love. This is In the background there is room, it is a spectacular city. I have come like this, I have to fix myself, ”said the television presenter.

The clip has already generated several netizens to debate before a possible income from the ‘little lady‘ to the series and, many of them already handle the possibility of what role he can play. In the same way, a few others wonder what she is doing on the recording site if she is not an actress.

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