In the background there is room: What has become of Paolo Goya ‘Hiro’ after the end of the series?

The series Al fondo hay Sitio will broadcast its ninth season in 2022 with the participation of Magdyel Ugaz, Erick Elera, Adolfo Chuiman, among others. Faced with this incredible news, all the followers of the Peruvian production were very happy, for that reason The popular has begun to prepare a series of notes on previous episodes and this time we will talk to you about Paolo goya, who plays ‘Hiro’.

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Paolo Goya after his participation in Al fondo hay Sitio

Paolo goya He played the butler ‘Hiro’ in the mythical Peruvian series In the background there is room, but after his participation it became known that he is a good singer and cook.

Although the artist moved away from the small screen and social networks After giving life to the character who gave him national fame, during an interview with América Televisión he revealed certain aspects of his life that very few people knew about.

Paolo He is the son of Japanese born in the city of Okinawa, a place that he describes as a true natural paradise. The artist detailed years ago that he tried to change his diet to become a vegetarian, due to a spiritual issue.

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In addition to working as an actor, cook and singer, he also studied advertising and managed to work in his profession for a long time. But not only does he work in these fields, the artist is a philanthropist and on several occasions he has been part of ‘Knock on the door’, an organization that seeks to end violence against children.

Goya He maintained that his tastes for music are inclined towards indie rock and his favorite bands are: Depeche Mode, The Cure and The Killers. He also said that he likes karaoke.