In the background there is room: Why will Francesca Maldini never marry Peter?

In the background there is a place, it will arrive with a new season in 2022, on the screens of América TV. That is why the fans are already very enthusiastic and aware of everything that the remembered protagonists do in the pre-sale event of America TV, The images of ‘Francesca Maldini’ and ‘Peter McKay / Rodolfo Rojas’, interpreted by Ivonne Fraysinett and Adolfo Chuiman, were shared, arriving at the Barrio de San Félix, where Back in the neighborhood was filmed.

YOU CAN SEE: In the background there is room, returns this 2022: What happened to Francesca Maldini in the last chapter?

The return of Al fondo hay Sitio has generated a lot of expectation. His followers want Peter and Madame to finally become a couple. I wish that Adolfo Chuiman shares, who assures that this would happen at any moment. For her part, the first actress Yvonne Frayssinet also confessed that she would not like her character Madam marry Peter in the new season of Al fondo there is room.

Why will Francesca Maldini never marry Peter?

The first actress Yvonne Frayssinet revealed that for her the situation between Francesca Maldini and Peter McKayIt has been that ending where they are always happy together.

The actress also commented that for her if they had married they would only have consented to the public, alluding that more romantic is how they were.

Frayssinet admitted that the romance between Francesca Maldini and Peter McKay It would never happen because there is a condition of prejudice due to social class.

Al Fondo Hay Sitio 2022: When will the new season premiere?

Although there is still no official confirmation from Al Fondo Hay Sitio, it is speculated that the Peruvian series will be released at the end of the first quarter of 2022 and the beginning of the second quarter. Also, the chapters will begin to be recorded during the summer of 2022.