In the era of modernity, do you want to keep your partner?

“I was never interested in checking my husband’s cell phone, until one day I got curious and I did it because I saw him with a hideaway… Ah, such a surprise! It had its branch, but on. That’s where the problems began, because all those social networks have come to end marriages and courtships ”. That quote is shared with LISTÍN DIARIO, Elisa, who decided to save her relationship at any cost.

“I didn’t let him.” The mother of three children and owner of a family that, according to her, “saved with intelligence” says this with great propriety. The first thing I did was talk to him and get him to tell me the truth. We both looked for help, we opened a strong communication channel and, most importantly, we decided to use telephones and networks for necessary and productive things, above all, for work matters ”.

His case is the example of many others, because although some may not believe it, technology has become a strong threat to love relationships And, it is important that the telephones are put aside and that communication, understanding and healthy family sharing are given way to avoid the breakdown.

This is what the psychologist Carmen Virginia Rodríguez tells us, who recommends that couples not let themselves be overcome by addiction to technology.

“Which in fact is not always used for infidelity, but for work. I know of many who walk up and down with their laptop, and they keep working even in places they go to have fun. and so is not possible. You have to get rid of that. Everything in its place ”, says the specialist from the Psychologically Group.

There is room for everything. It is not that networks are not used, it is that they know how to use them, it is that they stop them when they are with their partner, with their children, with the family, says the expert.

“Sure, there are times when together they can enjoy a funny video, a motivating message, but not ignoring each other, putting them aside for paying more attention to the phone,” emphasizes Rodríguez.

Force in the pandemic

Both Carmen Virginia Rodríguez and Rodolfo Acosta, a family therapist, agree that after the pandemic, more attention is paid to electronic devices. This is due to teleworking and because being at home during the quarantine many people became even more addicted to electronic media, specifically, to the cell phone.

“All of this has ended a lot of love affairs. There has been virtual infidelity on both sides. And worst of all, phones have become the inseparable couple for some. That is funny, but it is like that, there are people ‘married’ with their cell phones. That is his weapon, his companion, his everything … So, definitely, that ends relationships, “says Acosta.

We must find a solution to this because of not stopping, because we already see that there are couples who are each by their side, parents and children who hardly even speak to each other because each one is on their ownor. That opinion is from the psychologist, who, together with Rodríguez, offers some advice so that everyone can keep their partner, their family and do not allow themselves to be defeated by technology.


-When you are together, try not to use the phone

-If necessary, set a schedule to use it

-Have useful conversations, including a discussion, but without the cell phone as a ‘witness’

-If you have children, lead by example

-Sit at the table without a cell phone

-If you go to a restaurant or another walk, that you agree to share as a couple, not to share with other people ‘online’

-Be frank, that will help to find solutions, even if the break is, but in a dignified way and without further deception

-Above all, dating as a couple, let your imagination run wild, be creative, and know that love must be watered every day and that technology can end irrigation.

Does the cell phone unite or separate families?

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