In the eye of the storm: Novak Djokovic’s scandals during the pandemic

After two years living with COVID-19, restrictions throughout the world have been changing in order to preserve the health of citizens. Australia It is not the exception, especially since it is a territory without a land border, it has very focused air and maritime accesses in the country, this in order to avoid the spread of new variants of the virus. Being the # 1 number in tennis and considering having a justification Novak Djokovic He thought he could retain his Australian Open title this 2022, but the situation in the oceanic country is no longer the same as last year.

In 2021, the Serbian claimed his ninth Australian Grand Slam title after beating the Russian 3-0 Daniil Medvedev in the grand finale. At that time, vaccination in the country of Oceania was just beginning and border control is mediated with PCR tests, a very different situation from the one encountered by the Serb upon his arrival in Melbourne.

Djokovic wanted to justify his non-vaccination with a medical exemption permit that was granted to him by two independent committees of medical experts, a situation that ‘Nole’ himself highlighted on his social networks prior to his trip to Australia. Despite this, his special permission was not enough for the authorities of the oceanic country, with the prime minister in charge of announcing his deportation to the world.

“Your evidence is insufficient, so you will not be treated differently from anyone else and you will be on the next plane home. There should be no special rules for Novak Djokovic at all“, he pointed Scott morrison.

At the moment, the Serbian athlete is in a hotel in Melbourne waiting for a favorable solution. The controversy continues to grow, although it is not Djokovic’s first since the pandemic began. Review here all his statements and facts that the 34-year-old tennis player has starred since 2020.

During a Facebook Live in April 2020, Djokovic was asked if he would be willing to be vaccinated when an effective injection was made, to which the Serbian did not hesitate and strongly opposed.

“Personally, I am opposed to vaccination and I would not want to be forced by someone to be vaccinated in order to be able to travel. But if this becomes compulsive I should make a decision. I have my own thoughts on this matter and I don’t know if those thoughts will change at some point”, He indicated.

These statements drew worldwide attention and divided his tennis companions, where many of them were against his comments. That attitude shed light on what would happen next.

Months after his statements about vaccines, ‘Nole’ organized a tennis tournament in the Balkans called the Adria Tour. The event was full of controversy for its organization with the public and criticism for not measuring the consequences of the pandemic that also affected that area of ​​Eastern Europe.

Djokovic defended his tournament noting that the situation in those countries it was different than the United States or England but everything got out of control shortly before finishing, since the infections increased exponentially and he had to cancel the last two games.

The problems grew after videos were shown of a party in Belgrade (Serbia), where tournament players are seen celebrating and dancing with if the virus did not exist. Criticism from many tennis companions was present, even more so after several of those who participated in the Adria Tour tested positive for the virus.

After a few days of suspending the tournament, it was reported that ‘Nole’ and his wife Jelena were infected with COVID-19. “Immediately upon arriving in Belgrade, I underwent the test together with all the members of my family and the team with whom I was in Belgrade and Zadar. I tested positive with my wife. I do not show symptoms, “said the tennis player in an official statement.

Likewise, he continued to justify the championship despite everything that happened with the spectators and his teammates. “Everything we did in the last month we did it with a pure heart and sincere intentions. Our tournament was intended to unite and share a message of solidarity and compassion throughout the region, “he said.

After recovering from the virus and with the restart of professional tennis competition, Djokovic traveled to the United States to play the US Open. Although he no longer spoke about the virus, he continued to cause controversy, this time from the field.

In the match for the round of 16 of the United States Open, the Serbian lost an important point to the Spanish Pablo Carreño Busta. Nole got upset and threw a ball with force that was directed at the wall on his side, but that unfortunately it fell on the neck of a linesman. The woman had to be assisted by doctors and Nole was disqualified for his recklessness. Very recurrent irresponsibility in the now refugee in Australia.