In which movie did Yvonne Frayssinet kiss Melania Urbina?

Yvonne Frayssinet is recognized for the antagonistic role of Franchesca Maldini in the series “Al fondo hay sitio”, and is one of the most admired actresses in the country. Her long career is a sample of the professionalism she performs in her work.

The same happens with Melania Urbinaa well-known actress and has won two awards for best Latin American actress at the Malaga Spanish Film Festival for her performance in the films “Ojos que no ven” and “Mariposa negra”.

Given this, both starred in a film in which both had kissing scenes where they combated some prejudices from a time when making this type of content in films represented a transgressive act.

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What is the movie in which they both kiss and what character did they have?

Yvonne and Melanie were part of the cast of the film “black butterfly” by Peruvian filmmaker Francisco Lombardi, and was released in 2006. In one part of the film, both actresses are shown in a romantic scene, where they kiss passionately.

Melanie Urbina gave life to Gabriela, a history teacher, but lives a tragic moment when she finds out that her partner, whom she was about to marry, is murdered in strange circumstances.

For her part, Yvonne Frayssinet starred as Dotty Pacheco, the director of a women’s academy that teaches secretarial, English and computer courses. Dotty is accused of taking women to her study center and parties for an important authority in an exclusive hotel in the city, where she had the purpose of giving attendees access to sexual services.

Gabriela’s (Melanie Urbina) goal was to catch those responsible for the murder of her fiancé and avenge his death. For that reason, he seduces Dotty and becomes romantically involved with her to get a job at said hotel and get closer to the murderers.

Melania Urbina does not rule out returning to “In the background there is room”

The actress Melania Urbina who starred inMonserrart‘ in “At the bottom there is room” He said that he would like to return to acting in the series, however, he said that he has not yet been called for the new season.

“I have not received the proposal for ‘There is room at the bottom’. If I would like to return? At some point, yes. Right now, I already have a year planned with various projects and I could not return at this time, but the series has a lot more time to come, so at some point I would evaluate the possibility of returning, ”said Melania.