Independiente del Valle vs. Emelec LIVE: Matagigantes win 3-0 in the LigaPro final

Independiente del Valle vs. Emelec LIVE face off for the first final of the LigaPro of Ecuador 2021 from Banco Guayaquil de Pichincha. The meeting starts at 8:00 pm (Peruvian and Ecuadorian time) with transmission by the channel GolTV. So that you do not miss this and other matches today, enter La República Deportes and find out with the confirmed line-ups of the two clubs, the score updated minute by minute and the summary with the final result at the end of the commitment.

Both teams will clash for the title of the current season with round-trip matches, in the final phase of the tournament that matched them after having won the first and second phases of the tournament, respectively.

The Independiente treasures great performances in its eleven years as a professional club, with a lost final in the 2016 Copa Libertadores and the historic winning of the Copa Sudamericana in 2019, although at the local level it has not yet been able to obtain a star.

The turn to achieve glory in the national tournament is for the Portuguese Renato Paiva, who persuaded the managers of the club, led by Michel Deller, to link players who give the feeling of having assembled the best team in recent times.

For his part, Emelec is led by Spanish coach Ismael Rescalvo, who arrived in Ecuador at Independiente del Valle in mid-2018 and in April 2019 accepted the Emelecsist proposal, although he has not been able to satisfy the demanding fans of the Guayaquil team.

The Guayaquil squad that will face IDV tomorrow will be completely new compared to the one that won the last title -the number 14 in 2017-, as there is hardly left the defender Oscar Bagüí, who on few occasions jumped to the starting position with the Spanish coach.

With information from EFE.

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Independent of the Valley: Moisés Ramírez; Mateo Caravajal, Richard Schunke, Luis Segovia; José Hurtado, Cristian Pellerano, Nicolás Previtali, Jhoanner Chávez; Lorenzo Faravelli, Jonathan Bauman and Júnior Sornoza. DT: Renato Paiva.

Emelec: Pedro Ortiz; Aníbal Leguizamón, Marlon Mejía, Luca Sosa; Romario Caicedo, Dixon Arroyo, Sebastián Rodríguez, Bryan Carabalí; Alexis Zapata, Alejandro Cabeza and Joao Rojas. DT: Ismael Rescalvo.

The place where the Independiente del Valle vs. Emelec for the first leg of the LigaPro de Ecuador 2021 is at the Independiente del Valle stadium or Banco Guayaquil stadium, located in Quito, Pichincha province, Ecuador.