Ingrid Gómez and Bárbara Plaza mourn the departure of Gaby Desangles from “Mujeres al Borde”

Through tears, the incomplete cast of the radio show “Women on the Edge” fired the communicator Gaby desangles, who resigned this Tuesday from the Medrano Group after the situation caused by refusing to interview the political scientist Agustin Laje.

Ingrid Gómez, main figure and director of the program, described Desangles as the sister that life did not give her. She clarified that the communicator’s decision was not motivated by pressure from the business group or from her, like her boss, and that she only has words of thanks for the microphone professional who accompanied her for almost five years on her project.

“The only thing I feel is gratitude to Gaby Desangles. Gaby Desangles came into my life almost five years ago, to accompany me on a beautiful path, because she became a teacher for me, incredible, where she prepared me to be the best mother my teenage daughter could have, where she helped me break taboos , to be tolerant, to be compassionate ”, He expressed through tears during the broadcast of his program on Tuesday.

“If there is a woman who defines Women on the Edge is Gaby Desangles and if it were up to me, Gaby Desangles accompanied me the rest of my entire life and she knows it and feels the same for me, it is mutual love”, she said between sobs.

Bárbara Plaza, her cabinmate, said that Desangles taught her to lift her head, “this is a team that goes beyond a profession, here is your chair,” she said.

Gomez described her cast made up of Plaza and Desangles as her perfect hat-trick and hopes that the communicator at some point will reconsider her decision because the doors remain open for her on her radio program.


Through a letter sent to the directors of the station, Gabi explained that his resignation is motivated by the comments of Mr. Roberto Rodríguez, who serves as director of the medium, and hinted through his social networks that Desangles has no preparation for refusing to interview the controversial activist.

The also television presenter and actress pointed out in the document that her position, of not participating in the interview, has unleashed a series of malicious comments towards her, generating morbidity and controversies that have given way to sensationalism.

Desangles specified that she decided not to participate in Laje’s interview, because according to her “It was done in an improvised way, it was not announced that this gentleman was coming; furthermore, he did not commune with his thought or with his form. I didn’t want to have a pointless debate. “

The Mujeres al Borde program is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 12:30 pm on the Estrella 90 radio station of the Medrano Group.