Instagram and Facebook are the favorite social networks of Dominicans to inform themselves, according to study

Social networks Instagram and Facebook lead the scale of preference of Internet users in the Dominican Republic to access information through the internet, this was revealed this Tuesday by the Dominican Digital Media Observatory.

The results of the first study carried out in the country on the Use of Digital Media by the aforementioned entity, reveals that 52% of those surveyed prefer Instagram, while Facebook was selected by 23%.

The remaining percentage fell on Twitter and WhatsApp, the latter application being included in the response options due to the level of use that occurs among Internet users to disseminate news, even though for many communication theorists it is an instant message platform , not a social network.

Similarly, the study detailed that the 92% of users connect through their cell phone, 5% from the computer, 2% through a laptop and about 1% using a Tablet.


Regarding the age of Internet users, the Dominican Digital Media Observatory pointed out that 55% are between 18 and 24 years old, while between 25 and 34 it amounts to 23%.

Likewise, 10% between 35 and 44, 6% between 55 and 64 and less than 1% are over 65 years of age.

Frequency of use

The journalist Cristal Acevedo, president of the Observatory and researcher in charge of the field study also announced that the 96% of Internet users use the Internet every day and the remaining 4% only access the web a few times a week.

When people with Internet access were surveyed about what activities they carry out online, 45% responded that they use it to chat. 38% to find information of interest to you, 15% to send and receive emails and only about 2% to make purchases online.

Receiving the news

Respondents were also asked about their willingness to read news on the Internet. To that question, 83% answered yes, and 17% gave a negative answer.

In another sense, although many authors have stated that the “era of video” currently reigns, Acevedo revealed that Dominican users are divided regarding their preference and when faced with the question in what format do they prefer to consume news on the Internet? 50% stated that in text and the other 50% in video format.


The investigation “Use of Digital Media in the Dominican Republic 2021” was designed and executed by the aforementioned journalist and university professor, and carried out through the Survey Monkey payment platform, where the online questionnaire answered by 637 people was placed, with representation of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic.

The questionnaire was applied from October 29 to December 9, collecting 252 additional surveys to those required by the traditional statistical regulations that indicate that to achieve 95% reliability of the research, in a sample of 7 million (population ), only a response from 385 surveys is required.