Instagram: how to easily customize the content that appears in your feed?

Instagram continues to be one of the Applications most used around the world, despite the evident boom developed by other apps of the technological competence What WhatsApp Y TikTok. One of the most important elements of platform belonging to Goal is your dynamic feed which collects and displays the main content of other accounts on the network.

Undoubtedly, this is the main section of the applicative since it allows you to find out about all posts from other users, from reels, photos and videos that are shared daily. Although each person navigates and continues in Internet whatever you want, sometimes we don’t have what we’re looking for in the first place available.

This also happens in Instagram because the vast majority want to appreciate only that it attracts their attention, either from their friends or their favorite influencers. Therefore, in this note, we will explain how to customize the content you want to view on your instagram feed by means of three new functions that the social network Its testing.

It should be noted that this trick works only on some accounts and in some certain operating systems, mainly in iOS devices.

And ready This way you will have customized all the content that comes out in your app according to your preferences.