Instagram launches new function that reports a problem if you shake your mobile

Instagram has announced a couple of new features recently added to its mobile app platform. One of them has caused a stir among users internationally after the same CEO of the app, Adam mossieri will announce it through his official Twitter account. This is ‘Rage shake’, a tool that detects the shakes you give your phone.

Translated into Spanish as “jolt of rage”, this feature was implemented with the aim of automatically indicating to the Instagram monitoring staff that there is a problem in the operation of the application or the platform.

It will be enough with a few short and abrupt movements applied to the terminal so that the usual gyroscopic sensors in smartphones activate the appearance of a message that asks the user “Is there something wrong?”, Or “Is there something wrong?” if your setting is in English.

From there, the platform will give the user the option to delve into the difficulties that they are presenting at that moment and an attempt will be made to reach a solution.

The second novelty that Internet users can expect on Instagram for Android or IOS has to do with photo carousels; specifically, with its multi-image publishing format.

The new tool allows you to delete photos individually without completely deleting the carousel that you have already assembled. This addition is one of the most anticipated having been ordered for several years.

If you already want to apply it, you will only have to open your images in the application and, through the icon with the three horizontal dots that appears in the upper right corner, display a menu to select the option Edit. Once you have done this, it only remains to select the image you want to remove from the group.