Instagram: new feature will allow a third party to moderate live broadcasts

Instagram has been constantly developing new tools that can be used on its platform, and now it brings one whose main objective is to help influencers to make more and better live shows with the help of a separate moderator who is in charge of messages and requests, while the creator content focuses on your role as presenter.

Previously, when a person started a video in Instagram he could receive various interactions from his audience and often the author of the live could not pay attention to all of them. Seeing that opportunity for improvement, the popular social network decided to create the moderator function so that it can be a kind of assistant in the video call.

Rejecting or approving requests to participate, reading and replying to comments, enabling and disabling other possibilities are the type of functions that are planned for the video call moderator.

These new helpers will be very important as support, as a specific person was always required to fulfill these tasks and allow the content creator to concentrate on their video.

The user chosen for said role must belong to the list of followers, and must also have the same version of the app on their devices, because, if this is not the case, it will be impossible to add this person to fulfill this function.

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