Instagram renews your profile and now allows you to add several links in the biography

instagram It is, to date, one of the most popular social networks in the world and manages to capture the interest of millions of users thanks to its innovative functions. However, one of its most iconic and forgotten sections is the Profile, which in recent years has undergone slight changes. Despite this, now the app has decided to apply a significant change that will be great utility for business accounts and content creators.

As the app announced on its blog, the new functionality will allow add up to five links in the biography and it has already been deployed for its version of mobile devices and desktop.

With the tool, Instagram intends to compete in a better way against the most used social networks of the moment, such as Twitter, TikTok and even Facebook, the same ones that allow multiple links to be attached to profiles.

Likewise, the option is expected to be used mainly by companies that use the Meta app as a sales channel, but also by influencers that have subscription services on external platforms. In any case, questions arise about how to work to prevent users from placing malicious links that compromise the sensitive information of the rest of the community.

It is possible that in the next few days Instagram itself will publish the terms and restrictions of use of the functionality, in order to prevent it from ending up as an alternative that exposes its Internet users. Meanwhile, it is recommended that be careful with the links you open every time you visit a profile.