Instagram: videos in stories are extended to 60 seconds

Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world and is constantly updated with new options to be more attractive and functional in the lives of users. That is why now it gives the possibility of extending the time of the videos in the stories, something that other applications such as TikTok had already implemented on their platform.

Previously, creating videos or uploading them edited with more than 15 seconds to Instagram meant that it was going to be divided by the time limit allowed by the platform, but now content creators and the general public can improve their stories.

This extended duration time was already allowed in the Reels but now this option is extended to stories. This new update also allows brands to publish commercials and advertisements in an easier way, without affecting the visualization of the same for the short time.

Although the new feature has not been fully made available to the general public, some users reported on social media that they have received the following notification: “We are submitting longer stories. 60-second videos will no longer be divided into segments. “

This change is in addition to the last ones that have occurred on other platforms such as Facebook from Meta, which allows generating new links for the stories that were presented a few months ago.