International artists bet on merengue and bachata

While in the Dominican Republic there is still talk of a supposed crisis of the Meringue and some point to a decline in the bachataAt the international level the picture is radically different. It is increasingly observed how international artists (currently more attached) bet on these Dominican genres, not to mention the dembow which is attracting more and more singers.

Current sounds, local musicians, more creativity, impact on social networks? The reasons for the success of these productions versus some local ones can be analyzed from different attendees.

However, beyond discussing these topics again, we want to acknowledge what is being done this year and how far the native rhythms have come. Not for nothing, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) declared the 30th as much to the Meringue like the bachata as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In Bachata

David Bisbal and his bachata “Ay ay ay”

Spanish singer David Bisbal demonstrated his singing skills bachata with the launch of his new song “Ay Ay Ay”, which has lyrics full of energy and freshness. The theme is already available on different digital platforms.

This new song marks the debut of David Bisbal as a “bachatero”, where he bets on his characteristic emotionality when singing and demonstrates once again his artistic versatility and ability to reinvent himself.

The song “Ay Ay Ay” is accompanied by a video clip that was produced in the mythical venue “La Descarga” in Los Angeles, capturing the cosmopolitan essence of the largest city in California.

Maria Becerra

Without a doubt, María Becerra is one of the most popular Argentine singers today. She is another one who surrendered to the rhythm of the bachata and released this year the romantic song “Until death do us part”, which talks about the eternal love of a couple who wants to grow old together.

Abraham Mateo “Clavaíto” with Chanel to the rhythm of bachata

On all streaming platforms you can listen to the bachata of the Spanish singer Abraham Mateo and the Cuban based in Spain Chanel Terrero, titled “Clavaíto”.

The singer and actress has composed this song together with the Andalusian artist, who has also participated in the production together with Dani Ruiz.

The release of “Clavaíto”, a bachata very catchy, it was done during the Los 40 Primavera Pop concert in one of the most anticipated performances by the public that packed the WiZink Center in Madrid. The artists merged into a fiery dance that unleashed total madness

The video clip, of which the artists had given some clues weeks before, once again shows the chemistry and complicity of both.

Shakira and Ozuna’s “Monotony”

With more than 580 million views on YouTube, this is one of the songs with which Shakira exposed her feelings to the world after breaking up with her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué. She joined the urban singer Ozuna and the result was an indisputable success at the rhythm of bachata.

The bachata Chayanne’s

The award-winning Puerto Rican singer Chayanne made a big comeback to the music tropical with a bachata.

“Dancing bachata” is the name of his new single that promises to be a success.

The song was released this Thursday on all its digital platforms. For several weeks the artist has been providing a preview of the new musical proposal of him making videos taking little steps of the “bitter genre”.

India Martinez, Andy Rivera

She Spanish, he Colombian. She is a flamenco singer, he is music urban. The artists mixed their styles in a bachata called “5 sentíos”, where they demonstrate their musical versatility.

Natti Natasha shows her love with bachata

Although she is Dominican, Natti Natasha is an international artist and it is important to keep her on this list. She threw at the rate of bachata the song “La falta que me haces”, dedicated to his partner and promoter Raphy Pina, sentenced to prison in Puerto Rico.

“La falta que me haces” conveys all the feelings of the singer and everything she has kept in her heart this past year, highlighted a statement from the artist’s office.

In addition, it is a “doubly special” release since the original art was created by an inmate from the same jail where Pina is being held and shows a tear on Natasha’s face.

Natti Natasha revealed that the Dominican producer Polo Parra contacted her via social networks and sent her several videos with the production of the bachata.

The singer “loved” the idea and when Parra sent her the final version, she decided to meet with him to conclude the production of the song.

prince royce

Another Dominican with international fame is Prince Royce, he is a bachatero by origin, but in recent years he has been taking over urban genres. with his bachata “En RD” returns to those sounds that positioned him as one of the most popular artists in the genre.

Mike Bahía – Sincere Love

This is not the first song to the rhythm of bachata released by the Colombian singer, but this one stands out for its emotional charge, since it is dedicated to his mother. What better than the bachata to express a feeling like unconditional love for a mother.


The Colombian singer Greeicy joined her partner, Mike Bahía and to the rhythm of bachata they released “Mi pecadito”, a song that talks about an infidelity assumed as “a little sin”.

JD Pantoja and Kim Loaiza

Two of the most popular influencers internationally, the Mexicans JD Pantoja, Kim Loaiza, opted for a bachata urban, called “The Moon”.

Becky G and Daviles from Novelda

“Lovers” is the title with which urban singers demonstrate their style to sing bachata, without leaving its urban essences. And yes they did well.

The handkerchief of Rosalía and Romeo Santos

The New York singer of Dominican and Puerto Rican origin Romeo Santos and the Catalan Rosalía launched this Thursday their first collaboration together, “El Pañuelo”, in which they merged the genre of bachatathrough the voice of Santos, with music Spanish folk music and flamenco sounds by the hand of the Spanish artist.

The song, which is part of the new album “Fórmula Vol.3” by Romeo Santos, begins with a part in which Rosalía is lavished with various vocal games that demonstrate her musical origins, linked to flamenco, so that immediately after Santos bursts in with rhythms of bachata.


“He Meringue” by Manuel Turizo with Marshmello

If anyone has known how to capitalize on Dominican genres, it has been the Colombian singer. He broke records with his hit bachata and even repeats the action to the rhythm of the tambora.

It was recently reported that Marshmello scored his first No. 1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart with his collaboration with Manuel Turizo “El Meringue”, which reaches the top of the chart dated June 10.

“He Meringue” rises from No. 2 despite a 5% drop in viewership impressions, to 10.4 million, earned in the US the week ending June 1, according to Luminate. It displaces “a x100th” from first place from Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny, which it led for three weeks, sending it to No. 2 likewise with a decline in weekly impressions (11%, to 10.36 million).

Maluma and his “Coco loco” merenguero

Since last Friday, June 9, 2023, it is available on all platforms of streaming Maluma’s new single, a song titled ‘Coco Loco’ that is released as the next preview of the next album by the Colombian artist. A Meringue with a lot of flow

According to the Sony Music press release, the album ‘Don Juan’ is “a production that once again demonstrates his evolution as an artist while preserving his essence as a conqueror adding a touch of rudeness and street.”

After having previously released other songs such as “La Reina”, “Diablo, qué chimba” or “Copas”, Maluma has now released ‘Coco Loco’, a song that presents Don Juan distilling pure dembow, urban flow and sensuality, according to the Sony’s description. The single is accompanied by a video clip shot in Miami under the direction of Jessy Terrero.

Sebastián Yatra, Manuel Turizo and Beéle

The Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra launched his song “Vagabundo”, a collaboration with his compatriots Manuel Turizo and Beéle, with whom he opted to interpret a Meringue who seeks to pay a “tribute” to his country and be “a hymn of joy.”

“‘Vagabundo’ is a song for parties, for dancing, for conquering, and also for healing,” Yatra told EFE, who explained that this single speaks of a person who “is upset, wants to party and act as if everything was fine”, but who is still in her internal healing process.

For the singer of “Como mirarte”, “No hay nadie más” and “Devuélveme el corazón”, “Vagabundo” brings the best of Colombia to the world with an arrangement inspired by the Meringuea musical genre that had a boom in his country with groups like Rikarena.

Carlos Vives “Looking for the horse”

The Colombian artist paid a double tribute, one to Meringue and another to one of its highest representatives, Johnny Ventura, a singer known as “El caballo mayor”. The song “Buscando al caballo” was the theme, where she collaborates with artists like Milly Quezada and Jandy Ventura, son of the merenguero.

Becky G “Starts” with Omega

The American singer of Dominican origin came to the Dominican Republic to appropriate the Dominican genre and what better than joining a representative exponent of the Meringue street, Omega, the strong one, the result was a Meringue with a lot of urban influence called “Arranca”. Have you danced it?

Rosalía “Despechá”

Another one that came to the country to produce from the land that saw the birth of the Meringue a song with this genre was the Spanish Rosalía, she launched Despechá a Meringue that has gone around the world, where he mentions aspects of Creole culture.

Fonseca with Juan Luis Guerra and his song that blends the Meringue and the vallenato

What can be expected from the union of singer-songwriters Fonseca and Juan Luis Calidad? A powerful song both in lyrics and rhythms. This is “Si tú me quieres”, the long-awaited collaboration of the Colombian with the Dominican.

Pavel Nunez

Dominican balladeer who bet on Meringuethat is why we have integrated it into this list of artists who have bet on the Meringue. He joined Urbanda, one of the gangs of Meringue typical most popular in the Cibao.

Techy Fatule

Another balladeer who bets on the Meringue was the talented singer-songwriter Techy Faule, “Que me quedes tú”, a song that speaks of unconditional love was the result.

Latvian Pé, Calacote, Goat, Tonga Conga

“I’m afraid”, a song that was born in a musical laboratory with experts like the Dominican Calacote, the Puerto Rican Eduardo Cabra and the Mexican Tonga Conga. A lot of Dominican flavor is what can be enjoyed in this theme.

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