International Men’s Day: since when is November 19 celebrated and why?

November 19 of each year the International Men’s Day. A date that seeks to rescue the positive and active role of the male community in society. Its aim is to raise awareness of the challenges men face in life, especially in relation to the international suicide rate. We will tell you since when and why this date was chosen.

The initiative to celebrate Men’s Day emerged in the 1960s. However, it took several years for the date to become official. The director of the Missouri-Kansas Center for Men’s Studies, Thomas oaster He proposed the project in 1992 with some key ideas.

However, its worldwide popularization began in 1999, when the professor at the University of the West Indies, Jerome teelucksingh organized November 19 a series of seminars on male role models and the importance of family life, in honor of his father’s birthday.

To date, although no body officially recognizes it, it is celebrated in 49 countries.

The purpose of Men’s Day is to make visible the health problems that affect the male population, improve gender relations and reduce discrimination. In 2009, the six main objectives around this celebration were established:

International Men’s Day does not arise as a contrast to Women’s Day, its creators have clarified that their objective is not to compete with this date. In addition, its celebration is not very widespread and it does not promote large demonstrations such as March 8.

Their challenges are mainly related to the visibility of male health problems such as life expectancy, suicide rate, lung cancer and heart disease, according to the International Mens Day portal.