iPhone 13: where to buy the new Apple phone in Peru?

The most recent generation of iPhone the iPhone 13 has already arrived in our country and it is now possible to purchase it in stores. If you don’t remember, this model was released to the public on September 21 of this year along with its variations, the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone Pro Max.

On Apple’s official website, the iPhone 13 is US $ 799, while its mini version is priced at US $ 699 US $ 100 less for the two centimeters of difference between their screens. The original version offers 15 centimeters of display (or 6 inches), and the iPhone 13 mini offers 13 (or 5 inches).

However, prices vary according to the amount of storage you want. According to the details listed on Apple’s page, if you want your sixteenth-generation iPhone model with 128GB of space, you pay US $ 799; If you want more gigs, the price goes up to US $ 1099.

The iPhone 13 is already available in different stores in our country. Here we tell you at what prices Entel, Claro and iShop are offering it.

At Entel, the original model comes bundled with a pair of AirPods and is priced at S / 4,968 with 128GB of storage; that is, the minimum amount of gigabytes offered by Apple. The website also gives the option to pay S / 421 monthly for 18 months and add an Entel Power plan of S / 69.

On the other hand, in Claro, the iPhone 13 with 128 GB and a line of S / 69 costs a total of S / 6,069. This company offers different types of monthly plans ranging from S / 29.90 to S / 289.90, which will increase or reduce the final cost.

Finally, in the iShop store you can buy the most recent model of the 16 generation from Apple at S / 5,199 with 128GB, a total that you can pay in 12 installments without interest and it comes with a line of S / 69.90 from Entel.

Remember that the iPhone 13 and its variations come with the new A15 Bionic chip, which includes a 5-nanometer manufacturing process and a 6-core CPU. In addition, they come with 2 12 megapixel cameras (wide angle and ultra wide angle) with an optical and digital zoom of 2x and 5x respectively.