Is a letter on your keyboard missing and you don’t want to buy another? Here the solution

If your computer keyboard has been in use for many years and has never been serviced, it is very likely that it will start to experience problems soon. The most common fault is that some letter stop working or it does not do its job correctly, which will be very annoying, in case this key is very important. What to do in these cases? Here are some alternatives.

Although the most effective solution would be buy you a new keyboard The truth is that there are other cheaper ways in which you will not have to spend anything. The first is by using the virtual keyboard that Microsoft included in Windows 11 and its predecessors.

To activate it you will have to press the magnifying glass icon (which is in the taskbar) and look for the command ‘osk‘. A small window will appear on the screen of your desktop or laptop PC that will have this virtual keyboard, which you can make appear at any time.

Another method would be key remapping that is, pressing a button on your keyboard (one that you don’t use much) results in the one that is failing. To achieve this it is necessary to follow these simple steps:

1. First you must download the program KeyTweak.

2. Once installed, this software will allow you to choose the key that is not working.

3. When you have selected it you will have to choose another key to replace it.

4. Finally, you click on the button ‘Remap Key‘and then accept.

5. Your computer will restart and when it is turned on again the change will have taken place.

Please note that this solution is temporary. If you bought a new keyboard, you will have to enter KeyTweak and press the button “Restore all defaults‘so that everything goes back to the way it was before.