Is Ana María Polo alive or dead? This is what is known about the rumors of his supposed death

Case closed” was a famous TV program broadcast between 2001 and 2019. Without a doubt, the host Ana María Polo stole the show, who played the role of mediator in the divorces of the successful reality show custody of minors, demand for food, paternity, domestic violence, among other common cases that were exposed in the show.

After leaving the successful space, he told People magazine that ”no longer presented anything new for the program”. In addition, she was seen through her social networks enjoying a healthy lifestyle on several occasions.

However, she was no stranger to fake news, and on more than one occasion some users slipped the news on digital platforms that the lawyer had ceased to exist.

In various internet forums and social networks, publications circulated about the death of Dr. Ana María Polo, who would have been the product of drowning while relaxing in the sea of Miami.

Rumors that went viral and worried his fans and family. However, it did not take long for the driver herself to deny those malicious publications of hers by uploading a photo to her social networks with the legend “More alive than ever! #HeSaid #CaseClosed #AnaMaríaPolo”.

She is a 63-year-old lawyer, judge and television presenter who has Cuban and American nationality. She achieved international fame hosting the show “Case closed” through the Telemundo network for almost two decades.

At 44 years old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease with which she battled for a long time and which has sometimes forced her to pause her television career.

Polo studied at Florida International University and received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She later studied Law at the University of Miami and specialized in Family Law.

The companies Cinemat and Mega Global Entertainment (MGE) They announced through their social networks that after arduous negotiations they had closed an agreement with the famous one to make a new season of the successful program.

“With a new studio, new sections, but the same strength and humility that characterize Dr. Polo and that have made the program the one with the largest audience among Hispanics around the world for more than two decades,” they announced.

For its part, Ana María Polo celebrated her return to television at the hands of MGE. “I am very excited to begin this next stage of Case closed because in addition to feeling a deep gratitude with the audience that has followed me during all these years”, He commented and the great appreciation he has for his viewers was evident.

After announcing the return of the program “Case closed” Through Telemundo, the salary that the host of said television space would receive came to light. According to El Mundo de España, the lawyer Ana María Polo would receive a salary of no less than six million dollars a year for driving.

After the unexpected end of Case closed Ana María Polo completely distanced herself from television for a long time and focused on promoting equal rights for all people.

He also began to dedicate himself to promoting donations in favor of an organization that investigates cancer treatments. And, in January of this 2022, she joined a campaign to inform the Hispanic audience in USA about the work provided by Shriners Children’s, a nonprofit hospital dedicated to caring for children with neuromuscular diseases, burns and other conditions.

On the other hand, in October 2021, Dr. Polo premiered her new program, “Doctor Polo investigates” project carried out together with Great Health Works and Omega XL.

Through his Instagram account, Anna Maria Polo He was encouraged to share with his followers a message for the Women’s Day focused on the future of younger women.

“Let’s work today so that girls in our society have gender equality tomorrow. Happy International Women’s Day!” wrote in the description of a series of photos in which he can be seen with different minors throughout his career.

Anna Maria Polo Before becoming famous for the popular program she hosted, she was a lawyer. The lawyer is a graduate of Florida International University in Law with a specialization in Family Law, and therefore she has a lot of knowledge in this field.

“There was a case in which I acted with violence,” he confessed. Anna Maria Polo In an interview. She further added, “I threw a glass of water at the uncle who abused and prostituted her 16-year-old niece, whom she had promised to protect after her father’s death. I lost my temper and regretted it, ”said the television star.

the tv presenter Anna Maria Polo clarified in 2019 the controversy over how real is “Case Closed”. In an interview with the BBC, the lawyer assured that most of the cases are inspired by events or problems of daily life. “The cases are real or based on real events, although many times the people with the problem do not come. But what matters is the analysis we make of the problems, what we are reflecting on” assured.

Read the full note HERE.

With regard to the material available on stage, the popular Dr. Polo pointed out: “All the conflicts that arise in ‘Case closed’ they are real, that is, in the matter the facts occurred, it is a truth”.

Likewise, on his YouTube channel he added: “Perhaps that is why people say that they are fictitious, because today, it is not known what is the truth or what is a lie. (…) They are people who have had experiences similar to what is being presented and many times part of their life is reflected there”, he concluded.

According to the BBC report in 2019, the production of “Case Closed” recruits artists in Miami, as well as through audition agencies. In addition, these companies offer people to be part of the program in exchange for a payment of between US$200 and US$250, and a three-day stay in the United States.

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented more editions of “Case Closed” from being recorded, since these had to be done with the public and this did not allow for the physical distancing that is intended in these times when recording or broadcasting programs.

From a very young age, Ana María Polo began to express her taste for musical talent. She once competed with her sister Alina in a musical competition and they won a trip to Rome (Italy) to sing for the Pope Paul VI in the Vatican. Ana María is always present with this event.

Although the Dr. Polo He enjoys playing his role very much, it is not his only passion. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as reserving a space to meditate, read and compose songs.

Also, during an interview, Polo revealed: “I like adventures with nature, discovering new places, customs, foods, etc. Also, a certain part of my time is dedicated to charitable causes, since these fill my soul with great satisfaction.”

Internet users have found an episode of the program “Case closed” aired in 2016 featuring Mafe Walker, who supposedly cracks galactic codes. She plays a girl who was supposedly pregnant by her boyfriend’s dad.

“Case Closed” had 20 seasons from 2001 to 2019, collecting 1,578 episodes of approximately one hour. Ana María Polo’s program was the audience’s favorite for many years.

On April 1, 2001, the first chapter of this series premiered. The case involved a man who asked that his wife’s sisters no longer live in his house. This was because he was tired and uncomfortable watching them.

“I studied Law with a goal in mind and I would love to be a judge, to occupy an extremely important position in the country. That is what is going to happen, ”commented the also actress for this medium. In addition, when asked if she could be the new Dr. Ana María Polo, she stated: “It could be. That’s where the format would go. But each one has an essence. I would go with the seasoning that characterizes Genesis Tapia”.

On the other hand, Génesis Tapia who rose to fame as a reality girl in “Combate” and “Esto es Guerra” in addition to her credits as an actress in “Al fondo hay lugar” and “Yo no mi llamo Natacha”, stated that this stage of his life was already over. “I have closed the doors to what are reality shows and the subject of acting,” she asserted.

“What I would like to do is a program with a social and legal cut”, he expressed and ventured to say that in that format “it would be a success”. When asked if she would become the next doctor, Ana María Polo indicated: “It could be. That’s where the format would go. But each one has an essence. I would go with the seasoning that characterizes Genesis Tapia”.