Is Bruno Pinasco tired of the jokes about his “eternal youth”? This revealed the presenter

TV presenter, Bruno Pinascovisited “The Room of henry spencer“and commented on the recording studios of the program moviescape, his career in show business and the jokes he receives daily regarding his “eternal youth” or that he has a “devil’s pact” for keeping his physical appearance young despite being 47 years old. Next, he knows what the so-called “Child of TV” said about it.

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Bruno Pinasco: what did he say about the jokes regarding his appearance?

Are you tired of that joke? The joke of eternal youth”, asked the content creator henry spencer after what Bruno Pinasco I told him that he was “half crushed” because it was night. “It’s not that I’m tired, but what am I going to do”replied the TEC driver in reference to the comments and memes that his face continues to look young despite the passing of the years.

Bruno Pinasco retains his joviality and good looks despite the years. Photo: Instagram

The youtuber asked him if he had a series of care to keep his face young. Given this, the presenter of moviescape He stated that he did nothing out of the ordinary to take care of himself, but he did use sunscreen daily, trained and maintained a diet with vegetables; that is, he had stopped eating meat a long time ago.

“I have a super cape doctor who is a biologist and she made me a genetic map (…) So, she made me a nutritional plan where there were a lot of beans, vegetables and less meat than usual”, detailed his decision to maintain a vegetarian diet. In addition, he affirmed that he chose to be a vegetarian because he has a very sensitive subject with animals and, in addition, he mentioned that he would like to promote the fact that one does not need to consume meat. “It got to a point where I decided I didn’t want to be part of this cycle,” finished the son of ‘Rulito’ Pinasco.