Is Camila Escribens, the new Miss Peru, the niece of Rebeca Escribens? This revealed the driver

Before the victory of Camila Escribens In Miss Peru 2023, her last name has generated intrigue among users, since she shares the same name as the host Rebeca Escribens, therefore, rumors arose that they are family. However, there is no photo to confirm it and not even a ‘follow’ on the social networks. Now, “america shows” He approached the model to end the speculation about their relationship, to which she stated that they indeed have the same blood. The member of “Mujeres de la PM” did not remain silent either and explained what unites them, but she revealed that they have never seen each other before.

Camila Escribens is Miss Peru 2023. Photo: composition LR/ Captures of América TV

Are Rebeca Escribens and Camila Escribens family?

After having established herself as Miss Peru 2023, Camila Escribens posed for the press and answered their questions, including whether she was a family of Rebeca Escribens. “I’ve never really met her.” our representative said at first. “I have not had the pleasure of meeting her because yes, we are family”confirmed the model.

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“My grandfather is the brother of Rebeca’s father,” he explained about the blood bond they share. “But hopefully soon I can meet you”The young influencer said with a smile about the popular show host.

What did Rebeca Escribens say about Camila Escribens?

After hearing Camila Escribens’ statements, Rebeca Escribens reaffirmed what her niece revealed. “She is indeed my niece. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her because she grew up in the United States,” the TV presenter clarified. “She (Camila) is the granddaughter of my father’s brother, my uncle Walter, may he rest in peace. His father is my first cousin”he expanded.

“Congratulations! Now yes, it’s your turn to be in the eye of the storm and it’s your turn to show that you can bring the crown of Miss Universe. To put your batteries and work hard,” said the communicator about our new Miss Peru 2023, her niece.