Is it bad that you charge your phone all morning if it still has a battery?

Many people take advantage of the early morning to leave their smartphone charging. However, there are people who prefer not to do it, because they have heard that this practice is not recommended, especially if the smartphone (Android either iphone) has enough battery to stay on for several hours. That is true?

As detailed by Movilzona, a portal specialized in technology, there is a belief that leaving the cell phone charging all night can cause problems with the battery. Not only will the equipment quickly lose its autonomy, due to the fact that the battery will be overcharged, but in the worst case, it can explode.

According to the publication, this myth that many take as the absolute truth is totally false, at least for modern cell phones that use lithium batteries. You may not know it, but current smartphones have a mechanism that stops charging when the battery reaches 100%, that is, it is impossible for it to overcharge.

It is worth noting that this myth was true many years ago, when cell phones had nickel-cadmium batteries, which did get damaged when you charged them for many hours. If you still have this old equipment, it is recommended that you monitor it while it charges. In this way, you prevent them from ending up ruining themselves.

Keep in mind that leaving your cell phone charging all night is not the same as using it while it is charging. This last action is not recommended at all, since it will cause the device to heat up more than necessary, which in the long run will cause the battery to degrade faster, that is, it will not last as before.