Is love over? Flavia Laos and Austin Palao’s defect that she doesn’t like

Without mincing words. The model Flavia Laos took a break from her vacation to get face to face with your partner Austin Palao to confess the things you don’t like about him. What will the ex-reality boy think of his words? We tell you the details, here.

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What doesn’t Flavia Laos from Austin Palao dislike?

The series participant “Too Hot Too Handle” took advantage of a TikTok trend about “the three things I don’t like about you” to submit to the challenge with his partner austin palauamusing his followers with his occurrences.

“I don’t like that you are very grumpy. I don’t like that you are a bit cocky. Do you know what else I don’t like too? I don’t like that you don’t accept your things, that you don’t accept your mistakes”, he commented the influencer looking quite serious.

In the middle of their celebration for the five months of their relationship, the model He published the video on his personal accounts, receiving thousands of reactions from his followers who wished him the best despite having some defects that are not very complicated.

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What doesn’t Austin Palao like about Flavia Laos?

After hearing the strong confessions of the interpreter of “Now you call me”her partner was not satisfied and decided to clarify that the video was being recorded against her will, referring to the fact that she was forcing him.

“I don’t like that you forced me to do this challenge, I was there and you stopped me to do it. I don’t like that… there are so many things, I just can’t say it here, that’s the issue,” he commented. the Said Palau’s brother between laughs

In addition, the ex-combatant did not hide that he truly feels that he is always right and he made it known to Flavia Laos, while she asked him to hurry up to finish completing the video: “I’m thinking,” he told her. In the end, austin palau He no longer had a chance to say more things.

Flavia Laos and Austin Palao spend happy moments together. Source: YouTube.

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What did Flavia Laos and Austin Palao say about their relationship?

They are not afraid of anything. The model couple Flavia Laos and Austin Palao They do not stop living pleasant moments in their relationship, without paying attention to the comments made on social networks, who do not believe that their romance is real.

“There will always be comments, it’s not a surprise. And if it will last or not, that will be seen over time. We don’t know that,” said the model, appearing optimistic and focused on keeping their relationship afloat. The couple He does not stop traveling knowing more cities in the world.

Besides, the ex-partner of Luciana Fuster He was asked about his opinion about those who believe that the blonde is their sugar-mommy: “So that guys see that it can be done,” he said with a laugh, in front of his partner who admitted: “Sometimes yes.”