Isabel Torres, protagonist of the series Veneno: “They have given me two months to live”

The actress Isabel Torres, star of the series “Veneno”, has published on Instagram a video in which she says goodbye to her followers after the progress of her lung cancer that she has suffered since 2018. Her doctors have given her a life expectancy of just two months.

“My last video” (my last video) is the tragic title that he has chosen for his last connection with his friends and followers after spreading the sad news of his illness.

“This is the last video I’m going to make for now,” Torres begins by saying in the recording he posted on social networks. “If I get out of this I will reconnect and if I don’t, it has been a pleasure to meet you, be with you and live, live this beautiful experience called life … I give you a huge kiss, take care of yourselves very much. See you soon if God wants and if not, see you in heaven “, was the farewell to the Spanish actress.

“In principle, they have given me two months to live,” reveals the popular Canarian interpreter, who is also optimistic despite being aware of the seriousness: “Let’s see if I can overcome it. If I get over it well, and if I don’t get over it, too. What are we going to do … life is like this ”.

“I have been very ill and I wanted to tell you how I am. I have had a little more bone metastases and that is why I have been admitted to the hospital, although now I am at the house of my best friend Maru, who is like my sister. He is taking care of me, ”he shares.

According to Infobae, the 52-year-old transsexual interpreter tells in the recording that the pain she feels, since the cancer has spread to her bones, prevents her from leading a normal life and, for that reason, she has decided to leave the networks: “They don’t know what It hurts, the pain is the worst thing I have, but hey, it is what it is. Tell them that life is so beautiful and that you have to live it ”.

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