It is better to do some physical exercise than none

At world sports day, Dr. Bentz Brugal makes it very clear that physical activity and exercise are not the same thing. To contribute to our Health we must focus on a type of exercise that combines cardiovascular, flexibility and muscle strength. Without damaging it later in the kitchen!

Regular exercise helps maintain good health Health, but to what extent is it important? Why is it good for Health?
Exercise is a basic pillar to maintain the Health and its importance lies in the fact that with three types of exercises (cardiovascular, flexibility and muscle strength) we attend to what is general physical conditioning, we improve the Health of the heart and blood vessels, we maintain the muscles and with them the ability to move and be active in activities, even as we get older, and at the same time our metabolic processes become more effective. An example of this (because there are many examples) is that if we lose the quality of the muscles by not doing muscular strength exercises, blood glucose levels can rise, since a large part of that glucose that circulates in the blood finds its reserve in the muscle and the higher the quality of the muscle, the more it is stored, the lower the quality of the muscle, the more it remains in the blood and the famous type 2 diabetics appear. genetics).

What diseases can arise from physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle?
Many such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, loss of bone quality, called osteoporosis, sarcopenia -which is an extreme deconditioning and loss of muscle mass-, among others, in addition to being also important for the Health mental. I always tell my patients that exercise is the best psychologist, the best endocrinologist, the best cardiologist, and the best plastic surgeon.

Do the effects of physical inactivity, related to cardiovascular risks, occur more in men or women?
Although women are more protected by their hormones from getting heart disease, they should not “rest on their laurels”, because after menopause the risks of not doing physical activity and exercise are greater (and I say physical activity and exercise because they are two different things). Women have estrogens and these are cardioprotective of cardiovascular disease in the premenopausal stage, therefore it is less frequent to see women with heart attacks at an early age. Men, on the other hand, do not have this happiness, but both must take care of themselves equally. It’s like they say “some go ahead and the others go behind, but in the end men and women who do not exercise or eat with quality can suffer from the heart”. Men are more prone to heart attacks and coronary artery disease before the age of 50, and therefore should always maintain a comprehensive care of healthy eating and exercise.

Can any physical activity help improve fitness?
I always like to recommend that you have to combine the three types of exercises to really have optimal physical condition. A bodybuilder is not in better physical condition than a marathon athlete, rather he will depend on ‘to do what? and what is the goal? In terms of Health the best thing is to have good cardiovascular resistance, good tone in your muscles and a (between) good and acceptable flexibility. Therefore, all exercises are good, you must find your motivation and do some exercise that will always be better than no exercise at all.

How much is recommended to walk every day to be in shape? Are those 10 thousand steps that we can count from our mobile phones or smart watches enough?
I have always said that the 10,000 steps thing is very good, but we must know that physical activity and exercise are not the same, since exercise pursues a goal in your muscular anatomy or in the cardiovascular system; physical activity is basically any daily activity that involves mobility, which is good, but it is not planned and the intensity can be diverse. Exercising is time apart for your mind and body. That’s why it’s different. Doing 30 or 45 minutes of daily exercise combining the three types is enough to have good Health… as long as you watch what you eat. There are people who damage what they do from exercise in the kitchen or in their food selections.


“I always tell my patients that exercise is the best psychologist, the best endocrinologist, the best cardiologist and the best plastic surgeon.” Dr. Francisco Bentz Brugal Rehabilitation and sports doctor, and president of Rehabilitek Sports Medicine & Rehab

At what age should you start exercising?
The beginning of the exercise must be from a young age, through physical education in schools (which is something that we must demand to be done with quality) and I think that parents must pass that on to our children. The body is educated as well as the intellect.

How effective are the sports programs of Dominican colleges and schools to encourage and keep children and young people healthy?
The state should pay attention to physical education in schools, for many reasons, because it will give us less spending on Health (because we create healthier people), because it serves to attract high-performance athletes at an early age and because it creates good self-esteem in children and adolescents.

How does exercise contribute to our Health mental?
To practice any exercise there is learning and we must concentrate, that cognition works in itself, but also when we do intense sports activity, endorphins are produced, which are substances that “produce happiness” because they give us pleasure, for this reason many people look for them through of exercise, if they don’t exercise they don’t work well. Exercise is definitely ultra positive for the Health mental!

What would be your recipe, your effective exercise prescription?
There is no universal prescription for finding the Health , but if you are going to practice exercise, listen to your body, study and learn what you are going to do well and you will surely have good results. If you have risk factors for diseases, healthcare professionals Health and specialists in exercise and sports medicine are here to guide you through the process.