It is full of compliments! Brazilian press also highlights Gustavo Dulanto’s humility

Gustavo Dulanto, current defender of Sheriff Tiraspol, was praised by the Argentine press after the ‘pichanga’ that he played with a group of friends in his Mangomarca neighborhood. Now, it is known that from Brazil they also praised to the Peruvian for its simplicity.

“It’s about never forgetting where you came from! In one day, Gustavo Dulanto marks Benzema at the Santiago Bernabéu for the biggest Champions League in history. On the other hand, he plays with the children on a dirt court in his neighborhood in Peru. And he says it is to lose the habit! ESTRELLA! ”, Expressed TNT Sports Brasil on their social networks.

The same footballer revealed that his representative handles offers from Spain, Portugal and Brazil. “My representative told me about teams from Brazil, Spain and Portugal, where I have already been. That makes me want to work more, ”said the Peruvian player for Soccer as a field.

The renowned Argentine media was among the first to comment on the viral photo that the Peruvian footballer uploaded to his social networks. “One day you mark Benzema and the next you are again throwing a few passes in the pasture. Gustavo Dulanto, Peruvian Sheriff’s player, does not forget his beginnings“TyC Sports posted on his Twitter account.

After the duel between Real Madrid and Sheriff for the Champions League the defender revealed that he asked the Croatian to exchange jerseys. “Before the game against Real Madrid started, I spoke with Luka Modric to change shirts. At the end of the game, he sent me his with the prop ”, began for Gol Peru.

I saw that Modric and Benzema came out, distributing the shirts to all my teammates. Nobody wanted to miss this opportunity to be able to change shirts with them ”, added the defender.