It is the first option! Christian Cueva is still on Boca Juniors’ radar

Return to the charge. Boca Juniors would be analyzing again the possibility of bringing as reinforcement to the Peruvian midfielder Christian Cueva for this season of Argentine soccer.

As announced at the end of last year, the Peruvian who is active in the Al fateh, was contacted by Juan Román Riquelme himself. At that time, the negotiations cooled down but that did not mean that the popular Aladdin was no longer an option for the cast Xeneize.

At least that is what the Argentine journalist affirms Leo Benitez in your official account Twitter where he gives an account of the interest of the Argentine club that already has two Peruvians in its ranks: Luis Advíncula and Carlos Zambrano.

“The news is that Boca wants and saves the first quota (of foreigners) for Cueva, they want the Peruvian, he is in the selection, the name was known but he did not cool down,” is what his tweet says.

Chrsitian Cueva to Boca Juniors: Fans don’t want him

Given this, a long list of negative comments were made by Argentine fans who do not see the arrival of the Peruvian with good eyes.

It is that Argentine media have been in charge of reproducing and listing each of the scandals that Cuevinha starred in in recent years.

Christian Cueva’s numbers in 2021

It should be noted that between Al-Fateh and the Peruvian National Team, the national midfielder has played in the year: 43 games and in 39 of them he started.

In all those encounters, Cave he scored 16 goals (11 with the Saudi Arabia team and five with La Blanquirroja).

It is worth noting that, despite the fact that his behavior outside the court is not the best, inside it has been very good in 2021: he did not see any red cards.

Chrisitian Cueva to Boca Juniors: All the Peruvian scandals in recent times

  • In his first years as a professional, when he played at the University of San Martín, Cuevas left the concentration assuring that he had family problems, but he went to Trujillo to play a game in which there were bets for more than a thousand soles.
  • In 2014, when he was at Alianza Lima, he had a fight with the coach on duty, who was Uruguayan Guillermo Sanguinetti.
  • In 2015, still in Alianza Lima, he got out of his car after being reprimanded for his performance and had an exchange of words with a fan. Days later, he was intimidated by the brave bar.
  • In 2017, Cueva traveled to Trujillo to spend the end of the year parties and one night he was recorded fighting with fists in one of the streets of the Peruvian city.
  • At the beginning of 2018, when he had been in São Paulo for a year and a half, he absent from the first training session, arguing that he had to fulfill some commitments with the brands that sponsored it. From there, the relationship with the leadership of the Brazilian club broke down.
  • In 2019, Cueva went to Santos, which at the time was run by Paulo Autuori. The Peruvian missed several practices and made his situation at the club untenable, so the Peixe leadership decided not to count on him anymore.
  • Also in 2019, he was filmed taking his fist with another person in a nightclub in Brazil.
  • His last scandal in 2019 was the one he starred in at the Lima airport, where he was recorded urinating in the parking lot. Days later, he admitted that he was drunk.
  • In 2020, in a duel with Malatyaspor for the Turkish League, the midfielder did not like the decision of the coach on duty to replace him and maintained with him a cross between words. Finally, he was removed from the campus.
  • In 2021, just before the Copa América, a video was leaked in which he was seen at a “social gathering”, failing to comply with health protocols to prevent Covid-19, within hours of the debut of the Peru National Team in the continental contest.