“It was a punishment, a man is applauded”: Melissa explodes against critics after ampay with Anthony Aranda

The former reality girl, Melissa Paredes has just confirmed that she has been in a relationship for a month with the dancer of Reinas del Show, Anthony Aranda, with whom she was protected even though she was married to Rodrigo Cuba, and what generated a whole controversy around their separation and subsequent divorce.

In the same interview, which will be broadcast next Monday, the former Miss Peru questioned that women are not measured by the same yardstick as men after the criticism she received for her ‘ampay’ with a dancer despite being married to him. soccer player.

“It was like a punishment, why don’t they measure men and women by the same yardstick, a man is applauded, but we have to be perfect,” she said for women to the Command.

At another point, the ex-driver of América Hoy highlighted how she has gotten up after her separation from Rodrigo Cuba, who has also rebuilt her life with Natalie Vértiz’s best friend, Ale Venturo.

“You can fall, you can trip, you can have mistakes, but the way you get up, that for me is the most important thing,” he added.

Melissa Paredes criticized in networks for spending New Year with Anthony Aranda

Criticism rained down on him. Melissa Paredes would have spent her New Year with Anthony Aranda so she learned from a series of clues on her social networks. However, this was not well taken by users.