It will be love? Gato Cuba trains motivated in the gym: “That’s how she is, wonderful and beautiful” [VIDEO]

Rodrigo Cuba’s motivation. After the Sport Boys footballer was caught with the businesswoman Ale Venturo, he again attracted attention on social networks for a unique video that he shared, generating various reactions in his followers, fans of the pink box and users in general.

And it is that through his Instagram account, the 29-year-old right-back uploaded a particular scene in a gym where he prepares for what will be the start of the League 1 2022. This, after the Chalaco club suspended face-to-face training due to positive cases of COVID-19.

Rodrigo Cuba and a scene that captured attention on Instagram

It should be noted that the Cat Cuba is one of the players of the pink box that interacts the most on his social networks, especially in recent months in which he spreads his routine as an athlete, in addition to sharing mysterious images on his Instagram Stories, which they call tremendously attention.

It is precisely on this point that the footballer’s fans continue to be surprised and follow every detail of everything that has to do with his private and professional life.

On this occasion, he broadcast a short but particular video of what his exercise routine was, showing himself very focused on achieving his goals.

This is how Rodrigo Cuba trains in the gym