Italy: Matteo Messina, the most wanted of the bosses of the Cosa Nostra, fell

By: Gonzalo Sanchez. EFE

The boss of bosses of the Sicilian mafia Cosa Nostra, Matteo Messina Denaro, was arrested when he went to a hospital in Palermo (south) to treat a cancera “historic” arrest that puts an end to the 30 year long escape of this criminal, the most wanted in Italy and one of the most dangerous in the world.

The mobster, a fugitive since 1993, was arrested next to the La Maddalena hospital in the Sicilian capital to treat cancer that he had suffered for a year under the false identity of Andrea Bonafede, 59.

A police contingent was waiting for him and surrounded the clinic, also for the safety of his patients, and stopped him when he was about to enter without his resisting, explained Palermo prosecutor Maurizio De Lucia.

Immediately afterwards, Messina Denarowearing a brown fur coat, hat and a watch valued at 35,000 euros, was put into a police van and taken out of the clinic wrapped in a strong security device, while some policemen they hugged and congratulated each other.

The commander of the Carabinieri, Pasquale Angelosanto, He said that the investigations have involved “many years”, but in “the last period” attention was focused on the state of health of the “capo de capos”.

“The Dry”

Messina Denaro was born on April 26, 1962 in the Sicilian town of Castelveltrano, within a dynasty of gangsters led by his father, Don Ciccio, author of a fruitful alliance with the Corleone clan, of the “capos” Bernardo Provenzano and “Totò” Riina.

Matteo Messina Denaro was detained at a private clinic, where he went to receive cancer treatment. Photo: composition LR/AFP

known as “U seccu” (“El Seco”, in Sicilian, due to his thin complexion), is known to have read widely, was shrewd and in his youth considered himself a good student.

This was revealed in a letter collected in the book L’invisible (2012): “I regret some things in my life and one is not having studied. It was one of the great mistakes of my life. My greatest anger is that I was a good student, but I got distracted by other things, ”he wrote in the letter intercepted in 2015 by the police.

What distracted him from his studies, in effect, was taking the reins of the dangerous criminal organization Cosa Nostra of his main mentor, “Totò Riina”, a task that would force him to go into hiding for three decades, since the summer of 1993.

Messina Denaro must comply with the various life sentences to which he was sentenced in the past for his innumerable bloodshed in clan fights, attacks and crimes, such as the kidnapping of a child, Giuseppe Di Matteomurdered and dissolved in acid because his father, a gangster, was collaborating with justice.

Messina Denaro is the last capo” of the era that sowed terror in Italy and that in 1992 ended the life of magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borselino, pioneers in the fight against Cosa Nostra and today more remembered than ever.

The data

Assassin. Matteo Messina assured that “a cemetery would be needed to bury all his victims.”