Iván Sánchez will be Miguel Bosé in the autobiographical series

Miguel Bosé already has a face for the television series that will narrate his life. The actors Iván Sánchez and José Pastor will be in charge of interpreting the singer in his different life stages, as confirmed by Paramount + on Tuesday.

The series, which for the moment will consist of a six-episode season, will review Bosé’s career from the late 70s to the present day and has the collaboration of the singer himself, who recently published his autobiographical book, “El hijo del Capitan Trueno “.

“Bosé” will portray the “incredible life” of an artist “with a unique and very recognizable personality” and will reveal “the stories behind the inspiration, composition and recording of some of his most iconic works and how this success impacted on his personal life. “, has advanced Paramount +.

The production will also reveal “unknown secrets”, will offer “a look inside his circle of friends and will demonstrate the extraordinary relationship between Miguel and his parents”, he added.

This platform announces that Iván Sánchez and José Pastor will join the cast and will play Miguel Bosé in the biopic that has already started filming in Spain. It is an international Paramount + original series, produced by VIS in collaboration with Shine Iberia (Banijay Iberia), Elefantec Global and Legacy Rock.

It will premiere on Paramount + in the countries where this platform is present. In Spain, Viacom announced last August the launch from 2022 of a joint platform with Comcast called SkyShowtime that will include content from Sky, NBCUniversal, Universal Pictures, Peacock, Paramount +, Showtime, Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon.

The serial project on Bosé’s life was unveiled a year ago and was originally going to be developed in collaboration with Movistar +, but finally Paramount + was the distribution partner.

Despite the fact that his figure has been surrounded by controversy for his questionable positions on the coronavirus, Miguel Bosé is one of the most prominent figures of Spanish pop in recent decades. He has sold more than 30 million records, has more than 70 hits that have been number one in Europe and America and the Latin Recording Academy distinguished him in 2013 with its honorary “Person of the Year” award.

Son of the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín and the Italian actress Lucía Bosé, he also has a career as an actor in which he stands out for the role he played in Pedro Almodóvar’s “Tacones lejando” (1991). In his childhood he was surrounded by artistic personalities such as Picasso, Visconti, Dalí or Ava Gardner, among others.