Ivana Iturbe celebrates her 27th birthday in a simple way with Beto Da Silva: “Happy day to me”

The renowned model Ivana Iturbe stays away from the Peruvian show business, but is active on her social networks. This time, the public figure shared her 27th birthday celebration with her husband Beto Da Silva and her daughter.

As you remember, a few weeks ago the ex-girl reality She was in the eye of the storm after she was accused of abandoning her pet. However, she has preferred to remain silent and only focuses on her new life in Trujillo.

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Through her official Instagram account, the popular Ivana Yturbe made a special publication to say goodbye to her 26 years. She too, she shared in her stories how she celebrated her name day and surprised by doing it in a simple way.

“Last photos at 26. This year was incredible, I learned a thousand things from my chubby girl, let’s see what awaits us at 27,” he wrote in the description of his post.

“Thanks to everyone who has accompanied me on this journey and will continue to accompany me, they are super important to me. I love you beto da silva love, you are the best team I can have,” added the influencer Ivana Yturbe.

It should be noted that the model’s friends did not hesitate to greet her as Tepha Loza: “Happy day precious”, he commented. Valeria Piazza He told her: “Lots of love for you. Beautiful. Happy day, beautiful friend. I love you very much.” Even Natalie Vertiz greeted her: “Happy beautiful day.”

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What message did Beto Da Silva dedicate to Ivana Yturbe?

The soccer player Beto Da Silva decided not to be left behind in greetings to his wife Ivana YturbeFor this reason, he decided to make a special publication for him, shouting his love to the four winds.

“Happy birthday, beloved wife. You brighten our days, you live intensely. May God always bless you and be eternally happy. Always count on me
You are the gift that God gives us every day. Without you nothing makes sense, without you nothing walks. I love you mate,” she said.