J-Hope, second BTS member to enlist in the military

jhopeone of the members of the popular South Korean band btsstart making today the military service according to music industry sources cited by the Yonhap agency.

jhopewhose real name is Jung Hoseok, thus becomes the second member of the group to complete military service – compulsory in South Korea for all men – after Jinthe oldest member of bts who joined ranks last December.

The sources consulted indicated that jhope He will begin today a five-week training program at an Army camp in the province of Gangwon (northeast of the country).

The agency that represents the band, BigHit Music, has not shared on this occasion the place or the dates in which the artist will begin the military service.

Yes it did in the case of Jinbut asked the band’s fans to please not show up at the facility to avoid crowds just two months after the tragic landslide that claimed more than 150 lives in Seoul during Halloween celebrations.

on the eve, jhope29, made a post on the Weverse social network in which he wrote “I love you ARMYs (name given to followers of bts), I will be back”.

The artist also shared four photos – in one of them he appears accompanied by Jimin, another member of the group – in which he wears a regulation military haircut.

Considering that the military service in the Army lasts 18 months, it is expected that jhope conclude its provision around November 2024.

BTS announced last summer that they would be taking a break until at least 2025.a period that its seven members would take advantage of to focus on personal projects and carry out the military service.